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Understanding Eczema

What is Eczema?

Learn about the different types of eczema

Take Better Care

Get the info you need to know for greater eczema care and control

Eczema in Childhood

Learn the facts about this common rash, which usually starts during infancy

Protect Your Hands

Discover which irritants to avoid, and how to protect your hands at work

Latest News

Science has spoken: Stress relief techniques help eczema

Bust out that yoga mat because researchers are getting closer to understanding the benefits of stress reduction for inflammatory skin diseases. April 18, 2017 – By Kathryn Jones Whether it’s a…

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How to prevent hand rashes

April 18, 2017 Tips for getting a handle on one of eczema’s most annoying symptom areas—the hands Our hands are among the worst body parts to develop an eczema rash, hands down (excuse the pun) be…

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