At the National Eczema Association (NEA), our employees are at the heart of our mission. We are the driving force for an eczema community fueled by knowledge, strengthened through collective action and propelled by the promise for a better future.

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Organization Description:

Founded in 1988, the National Eczema Association (NEA) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit and the largest patient advocacy organization serving the over 31 million Americans who live with eczema and those who care for them. NEA provides programs and resources to elevate the diverse lived experience of eczema, and help patients and caregivers understand their disease, actively engage in their care, find strength in one another – and improve their lives. Additionally, NEA advances critical eczema research and partners with key stakeholders to ensure the patient voice is represented and valued in education, care and treatment decision making. The eczema community is at an exciting juncture, with increased recognition of the seriousness and burden of eczema and a surge in scientific interest and development of new treatments. Bolstered by NEA’s strategic plan, Blueprint 2025, we are driving toward the ultimate vision: a world without eczema. 

Request for Proposal: Marketing Analysis and Audience Segmentation

Project Purpose
ncrease reach and engagement with NEA’s communities.


  • Define our key audience segments
  • Identify NEA audience subsets/personas based on behavior, pain points, demographics, etc.
  • Determine data points and priority (demographics – DOB, gender, race; severity; relationship to eczema; donor status)
  • Determine how do we get this data from current and future audiences
  • Establish “north star” metrics and KPIs for the organization and individual programs (also, which metrics we don’t need to focus on)
  • Determine how we can measure success of content and programs; qualitative and quantitative
  • Measure donation conversion rate(s)
  • Analyze current NEA audience engagement metrics to establish benchmarks
  • Analyze engagement metrics across all marketing and communications channels including website, email, social and make recommendations in terms of cadence, content, optimization
  • Analyze advertising spend and mix (Google search, display, social) and measure performance and ROI for specific programs and initiatives
  • Evaluate reach and ROI of NEA Magazine and recommend improvements


  • Create methodology to segment individuals as they interface with the organization (Initial contact, subsequent contact, survey)
  • Recommendation to personalize communications and increase engagement
  • Ensure NEA offerings (content and programs) reflect audience segments/pain points
  • Create communication sequences (journeys) using the most effective channels (email, text, social. etc.)
  • Develop plan to engage audiences more effectively through targeted marketing and communications efforts
  • Identify specific channels and campaigns to reach healthcare providers (HCPs) that serve the eczema community
  • Identify areas for audience growth and target these new audiences
  • Establish comprehensive (but streamlined and actionable) dashboard of our KPIs to report and compare across NEA channels, platforms and programs
  • Identify and reduce barriers to donation conversion


  • Audience segmentation analysis and recommended journeys for each segment
  • Marketing plan to expand audience reach and sustain engagement
  • Dashboard of metrics/KPIs including “north star”
  • Staffing recommendations for implementation and maintenance

Proposal Requirements

  • Case studies. Details of your experience with similar clients, projects and the outcomes.
  • Overview of how your company will meet the discovery and recommendation objectives outlined.
  • Timeline with key milestones.
  • Fee structure and cost breakdown: labor versus non-personnel expense (technology or service recommendations).
  • Key contacts NEA will interface with and their bio. Names, titles, physical location and experience as it relates to this project.

Selection Criteria: Our selection criteria will heavily weight experience in the patient advocacy space, demonstrated competency defining, building and measuring segmented marketing plans, and cost. Please provide details of similar patient advocacy segmentation solutions delivered and success metrics.

RFP and Project Timeline details

RFP released: September 27, 2021
RFP deadline via email: November 1, 2021
Final selection and notification: December 1, 2021


Nonprofit and healthcare experience. Familiarity with Salesforce, Pardot/Marketing Cloud, Google Analytics/AdWords preferred.

Application Instructions

Please respond with relevant capabilities and interest in this project via email to scott@nationaleczema.org.

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