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Strategic plan 2019-2020

NEA continues to embrace the new era of eczema, leveraging scientific advancements and increased community engagement to improve the health and quality of life for people with eczema.


Our two-year strategic plan is driven by five transformation keys:

  1. Promote a New Understanding of Eczema (addresses the following challenges):
    • The burden of eczema is misunderstood
    • Eczema is a highly prevalent, heterogeneous disease
    • Patients/Families/HCP’s need trustworthy help and support
  2. Equip Health Care Professionals for the New Era of Care (addresses the following challenges):
    • Personalized, patient-centric care is on the horizon
    • No consistent standards of care are adopted across the health care system
    • Standards of care need to evolve as new therapies emerge
  3. Support People with Eczema Outside the Medical Office (addresses the following challenges):
    • Eczema can be isolating
    • Eczema is a heterogeneous disease
    • People need accessible, trustworthy resources to manage eczema in the real world
  4. Invest in High Value Impact Research (addresses the following challenges):
    • Limited federal/extramural funding for eczema research
    • Significant basic/clinical research gaps in eczema exist
    • Data is needed to inform research on the real-world eczema experience
  5. Advocate for Accessible Treatment and Care Options (addresses the following challenges):
    • The patient experience is undervalued in policy making
    • Patients and HCP’s face significant barriers to appropriate and timely care
    • Navigating the healthcare system is very complicated

Impact Statement:

Eczema will be better understood as the serious disease it is – driven by expanded research and the contributions of empowered community members. Patients will increasingly be active partners in their own care. People with eczema will be more connected to the community and the support they need and deserve. NEA’s commitment to people living with eczema will improve lives.

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