Blueprint 2025

“Blueprint 2025: Charting a path to progress with the eczema community” is the 2021-2025 strategic plan of the National Eczema Association. Our planning process began by describing the long-range purpose and core beliefs that will guide NEA’s decisions and interactions for the next decade and beyond.

Our Vision

A world without eczema

Our Mission

NEA is the driving force for an eczema community fueled by knowledge, strengthened through collective action and propelled by the promise for a better future.

Our Values

  • Transformative: We embrace the future, think big and are passionate leaders of innovative change.
  • Patient-centered: We embody the true lived experience of all people affected by eczema, elevate their voices and address their needs.
  • Collaborative: We will empower one another and work with all those who share our vision for a better future for all those affected by eczema.
  • Truth-seeking: We rely on science, evidence and reason to inform our evolving understanding of eczema.
  • Accountable: We are honest, trustworthy, credible and transparent.

Overview of Guiding Elements for Blueprint 2025

The following five overarching Principles and three Pillars of programmatic focus provide further definition to our plans for meeting the needs and opportunities at this pivotal time (2021-2025) for all those affected by eczema. Additional details, called Pathways, are described in the full version of the plan available HERE.

Our Principles

  • NEA endeavors to reach people affected by eczema with accurate, up-to-date information relevant to their needs and interests.
  • NEA commits to fully partner with community members of diverse backgrounds and experiences to create meaningful change for all.
  • NEA empowers people affected by eczema to contribute data from their lived experience that will spark novel insights, enhance understanding of eczema and improve lives.
  • NEA shares its key learnings, focused on experience in the U.S., with the global eczema community to collectively advance the vision of “a world without eczema.”
  • NEA’s Board, staff and volunteers work together to attract greater commitment to and investment in the organization’s mission.

Our Pillars

Community: Reach individuals earlier in their care journey, connect them to professionals and peers and inspire them to participate in the mission.

Knowledge: Generate and promote information, research and resources that affirm the chronic, serious and heterogeneous nature of eczema and the burdens it imposes and improve treatment and management of eczema across the lifespan.

Collective Action: Mobilize community expertise and evidence to raise awareness, spur development of new treatments, enhance affordability and access to care and treatment, optimize care outcomes and improve quality of life.

The term “eczema community” in our mission statement and throughout the strategic plan refers to people directly affected by eczema (patients, caregivers, care partners, parents, family members), healthcare professionals who provide care to eczema patients, researchers studying eczema, people who work for companies developing and/or marketing products designed to relieve eczema and other allies inspired by NEA’s vision of a world without eczema. The phrase “diverse backgrounds and experiences” is used to reflect NEA’s intention to engage an eczema community inclusive of all forms of eczema, types of symptom expression and degrees of severity and people of different age, racial, ethnic and cultural groups as well as people of all socioeconomic and education levels.

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