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NEA Ambassadors

The National Eczema Association launched NEA Ambassadors in July 2020 as a means to increase the eczema community’s understanding of and impact in the areas of advocacy, community outreach and research.

As the true ecz-perts of eczema, people with eczema and their loved ones have the potential to help shape programmatic aspects of NEA as well as influence the greater eczema landscape.

NEA Ambassadors offers meaningful opportunities to learn and participate in volunteer opportunities, as available, in service to the greater eczema community.

Join the Ambassador program.

How does NEA Ambassadors work?

NEA Ambassadors offers people with eczema and their loved ones meaningful opportunities to raise awareness, advance research, advocate for patients and engage with others in the eczema community.

To qualify as an Ambassador, you must pass an educational curriculum focused on eczema, NEA and your chosen area of ambassadorship.

Once qualified, Ambassadors will gain access to NEA Ambassadors — a social networking platform where Ambassadors can meet and interact with fellow Ambassadors while receiving helpful resources, community updates and opportunities to engage with NEA and the eczema community.

What are the expectations and responsibilities?

Once qualified as an Ambassador, you are encouraged to use the resources provided to you in the NEA Ambassadors platform. It is important that you review all materials shared by NEA, as they may include volunteer opportunities or requests for engagement.

Each course toolkit will include at least two qualified engagement activities of which Ambassadors must act on. In addition to completing two engagements within the group’s toolkit, Ambassadors are expected to complete two optional activities — whether offered by NEA or personal activities related to ambassadors’ group, within a year of becoming an Ambassador. Ambassadors are expected to serve a minimal one-year term.

Examples of Ambassador activities may include:

  • Completing a survey or a questionnaire
  • Participating in a focus group
  • Sharing your eczema journey
  • Hosting an event or meetup
  • Contacting your legislator

Ambassadors are expected to report on all activities by filling out an activity report form and are encouraged to post about engagements on the corresponding ambassador group feed.

What are the different types of Ambassadors?

There are three types of NEA Ambassadors:


Advocacy Ambassadors work with NEA staff and fellow advocates to deepen understanding and engagement in areas that influence decision-makers and affect legislation, including but not limited to:

  • Awareness of eczema’s true burden among policy and decision-makers
  • Access to affordable, effective treatments
  • Budget allocation for research to better understand and treat eczema
Community Outreach

Community  Outreach Ambassadors work with eczema community members to provide opportunities for support and connection and promote the sharing of experiences in a variety of ways. As such, Community Ambassadors may:

      • Organize a local awareness event
      • Organize a NEA fundraising event
      • Lead a NEA Meetup
      • Share their story in NEA’s blog or print magazine

Research Ambassadors will broaden their understanding of eczema research while contributing to the research process. They will work with NEA to promote patient-focused advancements in eczema and may be called upon to participate in:

  • Surveys
  • Focus groups
  • NEA research tools feedback

Join the NEA Ambassador program.

For more information, visit NEA Ambassadors FAQ or learn more from Susy Valle, Sr. Manager of Programs.

NEA Ambassadors will be exclusive to residents of the United States. Please email NEAambassadors@nationaleczema.org if you live outside of the U.S. and are interested in sharing your story, hosting a meetup or organizing a fundraising and/or awareness event.