Beeswax and Olive or Almond Oil

Dear NEA Scratch Pad:

I understand that petroleum is used for eczema-prone skin. However, I don’t like to use petroleum. I’ve tried different balms from spas, and found that I could make my own, using beeswax and oil (olive or almond oil). My latest balm is what I call a Bumble Bee Balm. I’ve only used it on my own skin, and it works for me. I hope you find it useful, too. I realize this will not be an option for people with certain allergies. I purchased the bee products from Rainbow Groceries in San Francisco.

1/4 ounce beeswax
1 cup oil (olive or almond)
manuka honey
royal jelly
bee pollen

Ahead of time, put the propolis and bee pollen in a bottle or jar and fill with oil. Let it “seep” and strain out with a coffee filter. The propolis will never melt. In a small crock-pot, melt down the beeswax and add the oil, honey, and royal jelly. Pour into a glass jar, let it solidify, and use!

Hope this helps!


Sandra Chew
San Francisco, California

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