10 Tips For Getting A Good Night’s Sleep When You’re Bothered By Eczema

tips for getting to sleep with eczema itch

By NEA Community

Published On: Aug 16, 2017

Last Updated On: Jul 15, 2021

We asked our community how they get to sleep when dealing with an eczema flare or itch and here’s what they said:

1. Bamboo sheets! I was in the middle of a HORRID out-break when we got them — *love* them, they are SO smooth, but also they’re cool because they draw the heat out, they don’t make you sweat on a warm night! And when you do scratch (hey, it was a bad outbreak), all the oozes come out in the wash if you use cool water and baking soda.

2. I normally take my itch/nerve/anxiety pill. It calms me and makes me tired. Then a short warm shower, lotion from head to toe, put on some loose long clothes, then get comfortable in bed and fall asleep!

3. On really bad nights I take Benadryl. It knocks me out.

4. I cut my nails every five days and sleep without clothes.

5. Epsom salt bath every night and LOTS of oil, lotion, and cream. I have completely stopped all milk, most bread, coffee, peanuts, hazelnuts, bananas. I only use National Eczema Association Seal of Acceptance™ skin products and “soaps.” One Zyrtec a day at night with lots of water.

6. Doxepin — only thing that has helped me sleep in four years.

7. Lots of exercise!

8. Silver needle tea helps internally, lotion externally. Every night is different for me with itch cycles.

9. My son gets his medicine and grease slathered on, then warm wet PJs, then a pair of dry PJs. Hydroxyzine for the really bad nights.

10. Warm bath, cool room temperature (with fresh air, if possible), cotton sheets, layered blankets so I can add/subtract them, cotton pajamas (or no clothes if I feel particularly itchy).

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