18 Wellness Apps that Encourage Healthy Living


By Brooke Bilyj

Published On: Jan 4, 2021

Last Updated On: Jan 9, 2021

Balancing healthy foods, regular exercise, daily routines, treatment schedules and mental health can quickly get overwhelming when you’re living with a chronic condition like eczema. Thankfully, there are hundreds of apps that can help make healthy living easier.

Once you determine your personal priorities — whether it’s working out, eating right, or getting enough sleep — check out some of these top wellness apps that can help you reach your health goals. 


  • EczemaWise – Track your eczema symptoms, triggers, and treatments in this first-of-its-kind app with tools for tracking your skin, sleep, itch, stress, diet and more
  • Skincare Routine – Organize your skincare regimen with this tracking app where you can store product information and document your skin’s progress

Fitness and Exercise

  • Sworkit – Exercise at home with personalized workout videos from this personal trainer app
  • 8fit – Get customized workouts and healthy meal plans built around your allergies

Diet and Nutrition

  • Lifesum – Personalized diet plans, nutrition advice and healthy recipes, with exercise and water trackers
  • ShopWell – Find foods that suit your dietary preferences and allergies with this label-scanning app that offers food recommendations and product locators
  • Eat This Much – Create custom meal plans for your diet goals, allergies, and budget, with healthy recipe suggestions and grocery lists

Meditation and Mental Health

  • Headspace – De-stress in just a few minutes per day with short guided meditation sessions tailored to your mood
  • MyLife – “Find your quiet place” with recommendations of meditations and mindfulness activities tuned to your emotions
  • InsightTimer – Choose from 65,000 free guided meditations, music tracks, and classes targeting sleep, anxiety and stress  
  • Talkspace – Connect with a licensed therapist you can text in confidence when you need to talk


  • Sleep Cycle – Rise and shine with an intelligent alarm clock that analyzes your sleep patterns to wake you up during your lightest sleep phase
  • SleepScore – Rest better with a sleep cycle tracker that provides detailed sleep analysis and science-backed advice to help you fall asleep faster and wake up rested


  • ZocDoc – Find doctors and specialists in your insurance network and book appointments online
  • AmWell – See doctors from home or on the go with video visits through this telehealth app
  • healow – Manage all your medical records, medications, appointments, and other data in one secure app


  • Medisafe –Manage all your medications and get personalized dosage reminders and drug interaction warnings
  • GoodRx – Compare prices on prescription drug prices to find pharmacies and discount coupons to help you save money on your medications

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