The New Year brings a renewed focus on advocacy and access at NEA


By Michele Guadalupe

Published On: Jan 4, 2021

Last Updated On: Aug 1, 2021

Starting in January 2021, the 117th Congress will begin in Washington, D.C. – along with state legislatures across the country. The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic will continue to impact the legislative calendar and in-person opportunities; however, legislators have been meeting virtually with their constituents and we will be making sure our federal and state lawmakers understand the health needs of people living with eczema.

In 2021, NEA Ambassadors will be:

  • Raising awareness on how eczema affects the lives of those with the disease and their families;
  • Pressing for policies and laws that ensure access to affordable, effective eczema treatments; 
  • Providing opportunities for the eczema community to get involved and share their story! 

We will partner closely with patient and provider advocacy organizations on access to care issues, like step therapy and out of pocket cost. Our newest partnership is with the State Access to Innovative Medicines Coalition. This coalition is composed of national organizations and members work together to help ensure that patients across the nation have access to the treatments that they need. We are also a proud member of the National Health Council, whose motto is Putting Patients First. 

We will offer many opportunities for you in 2021. This includes the Advocacy Ambassador program, where ambassadors will participate in interactive training, learn from each other, have opportunities to share their story with legislators and advance important legislation. We will also have special opportunities to provide legislators with vital information on the eczema community throughout the year.    

NEA Ambassador Cara Ellis recently shared with us why she is so passionate about advocacy: “I’m driven to continue sharing our story because I want my son and daughter to see the importance of standing up and using their voices too.”   

Now is the perfect opportunity for you to get involved. Your story can help influence our policymakers to protect patients. Join us as a NEA Advocacy Ambassador today! 

Meet our new Associate Director of Advocacy and Access!

Michele Guadalupe joined NEA in late 2020 and brings more than 15 years of healthcare experience leading advocacy, government relations and building broad-based coalitions.  She is thrilled to join the National Eczema Association to work on patient access issues with NEA Advocacy Ambassadors and other volunteers. She can be reached at

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