24 hours of eczema

My Journey

By Nataylia Roni

Published On: Aug 22, 2019

Last Updated On: Feb 2, 2021

About 60 percent of children will have eczema in their lifetime, and for some, this continues into adulthood. It is estimated that 31 million Americans have eczema, so you can only imagine the true statistics worldwide.

When I was a child, I remember the itching would sometimes lead to bleeding. I’m thankful that the joints of my arms and legs are no longer covered in eczema like they were when I was young. However, I still have to deal with eczema as an adult—on my right hand to be exact.

Whenever my skin is clear, it’s like a breath of fresh air. But if I have a flare-up of eczema due to stress, environment, products or food, it will appear on my fingers. It always takes longer to clear than it did to arrive in the first place.

Life with eczema isn’t easy. Even when my skin is clear, I am still careful of the products I use internally and externally. Here’s what I do in 24 hours to help defeat this annoying situation.


6 a.m. ~ After [a moment of gratitude], I start the day with a tall glass of water. I head to the bathroom to begin my skincare routine. One of my favourite products that I use to keep my eczema at bay is African Black Soap. Once I am all pampered, I am ready to go.

7 a.m. ~ Sometimes I make one of my concoctions from herbs and veggies, or I make a raw juice. My favourite is a raw green juice with lots of ginger. Today, I’m switching things up by having peppermint tea. Now, onto my TO DO list because there is always something to do.

8 a.m. ~ I’m working on some projects on my computer and checking emails. I notice that I have a self-tape to film, and before I even read the script, I start texting and emailing around to see who is available to help with the filming.

9 a.m. ~ I’m getting hungry. I do enjoy avocados with my homemade sauce for breakfast, or I will sometimes go for a larger meal of plantain fried with natural oils and salad. When I eat this way, I sometimes feel tempted to eat slices of bread. But I must resist! I’ve had to cut out wheat. Now I am a gluten-free vegan. There are days when I use the toaster like it’s going out of fashion. Most times, it’s wheat-free bread, but sometimes it’s regular toast. If I receive my irritating reward for eating the toast, then I increase my juice intake.

11 a.m. ~ It’s time to get ready for my TV commercial casting. I will read the script upon arrival, so there is little time to prepare. I have to travel two hours to attend this casting. Actually, I just remembered I have two TV castings to prepare for, plus a theatre audition. I take a deep breath knowing that stress triggers my eczema, and then I get busy. Later on, I’ll listen to my favourite podcast, which includes meditations, affirmations and recipes for lovely vegan food to eat. It calms me down and keeps me focused.

1 p.m. ~ I drink miso soup for lunch, then go to the bathroom to wash my hands. Whoops! I used the wrong hand wash by mistake. Knowing that the ingredients could irritate my skin, I quickly use loads of water and hand wipes. I moisturise my hands with natural products containing essential oils. Sometimes I mix the ingredients together myself; other times, I buy them at stores.

3:30 p.m. ~ I collect my little family from school sometimes. Oh, how wonderful it is to be an aunt! I brought them treats to eat like biscuits and fruits. I feel proud of myself that I didn’t feel tempted to join in and eat those sugary snacks. Instead, I nibble on seeds.

5 p.m. ~ By now, I am walking past shops that sell the kind of food that if I eat, well, I know it would bring me two steps back. I resist the temptation with a joyful smile and choose a healthy dinner instead.

7 p.m. ~ Off to the gym I go to teach a fitness class. I’ve found that working out helps my eczema stay away. I enjoy this workout session knowing that I am helping others achieve their health goals.

8 p.m. ~ For me, the best eczema treatment is the sauna and steam. A few of my nutritionists have told me it would help, and it has. I stop in and visit for a short while.

10 p.m. ~ I’m at a corporate event for one of my live concerts. I sing a few solos with a live band. The audience was great. I even snuck in a few of my original songs. Here, I might drink soup and eat salad. OK, well, sometimes I eat a few chips. Who doesn’t like chips!?

12 a.m. ~ I just finished a lovely salt bath soak. It’s time to moisturise using pure natural remedies. I then journal my To Do list for tomorrow. No. 1 on the list is to share my seven-day juice plan online. I was going to mediate, but I’m too tired. Instead I put my hands together and zzzzzzzzzzz.


Nataylia Roni is a certified wellbeing and fitness coach based in the U.K. with a podcast available to download via @pamperingworld. She’s also a professional actress and composer with original music to download on Amazon via @iamnataylia. For more information, visit www.nataylia.com




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