ADvancement begins with you


By National Eczema Association

Published On: Sep 16, 2020

Last Updated On: Oct 30, 2020

NEA recently launched NEA Ambassadors, a platform that offers meaningful opportunities for eczema community members to learn, engage and make a difference in the areas of advocacy, research and community outreach! 

To qualify as an Ambassador, you must pass an educational curriculum focused on eczema, NEA and your chosen area of ambassadorship: community outreach, research or advocacy.

Once completed, you’ll gain access to a social networking platform where Ambassadors can meet and interact with one another while receiving helpful resources, community updates and opportunities to engage with NEA and the eczema community. 

Here’s what NEA Ambassadors have to say: 

“I remember a period of several months when I was feeling helpless and hopeless during my son’s severe outbreak. My way of fighting back and finding hope is to share my story and hopefully encourage parents who are fighting for their child’s health and well-being.”

Kristy, a NEA Community Outreach Ambassador in Texas

“My hope is to contribute to eczema research by sharing my perspective and insights of a lifelong eczema warrior. I think it’s very important to give a voice to this chronic condition as we all work together toward a common goal.” 

Megan, a NEA Research Ambassador in California

“Eczema medications and treatments are expensive, and there are so many hoops to jump through in order to get access to them. I want to advocate for healthcare reform in insurance since there are prominent healthcare inequities, especially for low-income and socially disadvantaged populations.”

Amanda, a NEA Advocacy Ambassador in California

This is your chance to meet like-minded individuals in the eczema community while deepening your understanding of and impact in advocacy, research and community outreach.

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