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By National Eczema Association

Published On: Jan 1, 2021

Last Updated On: Jan 14, 2021

The Baseline Survey helps you establish your experience with eczema now, so that you have something to compare to later.

EczemaWise was designed to help you and your doctor better understand your condition and find solutions for you. The information you submit in the Baseline Survey will inform your customized yearly health report, which can:

  • give you and your doctor important insights on how your treatments and other disease management strategies are working for you
  • allow you to better understand the impact eczema has on different areas of your life and overall quality of life, which may facilitate holistic care by your healthcare provider
  • provide clarity on your eczema treatment goals, helping you and your doctor evaluate if your treatments have you on the right track

Take the Baseline Survey by logging in to the EczemaWise app and tapping on the Surveys tab.

The Baseline Survey expires one month from issue, so don’t delay!

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