Eczema Awareness Month Kicks-Off with Groundbreaking News


By National Eczema Association

Published On: Oct 1, 2016

Last Updated On: Jul 15, 2021

With the start of Eczema Awareness Month today comes groundbreaking news: The first biologic treatment for adults with atopic dermatitis (AD), that has shown significant reductions in AD severity, could come to market as soon as spring 2017.

Patients who have participated in clinical trials of dupilumab shared their stories with The New York Times in an article published today: New Drug for Severe Eczema Is Successful in 2 New Trials.

The article highlights a research study on the efficacy of dupilumab that the New England Journal of Medicine also published today: Two new clinical trials of the biologic drug dupilumab showed a significant reduction in AD severity, and improved the quality of life of participants, including reduced itch, anxiety and depression.

“There has truly never been a more exciting time for people living with eczema,” said Julie Block, National Eczema Association CEO and President. “The development of effective new treatments isn’t just something we’re wishing for anymore –it’s happening. Better health and improved quality of life for those with eczema has never been more in reach.”

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