Prepare to be enchanted at Eczema Expo 2019


By National Eczema Association

Published On: Mar 18, 2019

Last Updated On: Jul 13, 2021

Picture a magical place where no one looks at you funny because you have eczema… where you can strip down to your swimsuit at the pool without having to explain your flares… where having eczema means you’re just like everyone else.

Imagine an enchanted universe where the menu is free of the top eight allergens, the fitness classes are low-sweat, the spa menu is flare-friendly and judgement-free, and cutting-edge eczema education is delivered by world-class ecz-perts.

This wondrous world does exist. It’s called Eczema Expo, and it’s taking place July 18-21, 2019, at the Hyatt Regency Resort and Spa at Gainey Ranch in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Are you ready for Expo 2019? Get the details here.

National Eczema Association’s Eczema Expo is a four-day gathering for the eczema community, uniting patients of all ages, caregivers, and medical and industry professionals. Expo ’19 will focus on empowering people with eczema to live their best life, with an emphasis on holistic health and wellness.

Get the scoop on what’s new at Expo this year

This year, there’s even more to love about Eczema Expo. We are welcoming the littlest eczema warriors to Expo Camp (now for ages 0-17). For the first time, Expo will offer care for children aged 4 and under, welcoming young children with eczema, their siblings and children of Expo attendees. As with our other Expo Camps in 2019 and throughout the years, Mini Warriors will be in the caring, capable hands of Corporate Kids Events.

To get the most out of Expo, we recommend you attend our orientation session on Thursday, July 18. NEA’s staff will be on hand to help you get acquainted with the Expo schedule, activities and venue. Then, join one of our Thursday night meet-ups to connect with other families, teens or Expo first-timers.

We’ll fill your spellbooks with plenty of eczema care and treatment information from leading medical experts in our general sessions. We listened to your feedback from Expo ’18 and extended our afternoon breakout sessions from 30 minutes to 50 minutes to give eczema warriors ample time to enjoy these small group discussions.

In addition to our general sessions and breakout sessions, Expo workshops will be offered on Thursday, July 18, and Sunday, July 21, to help attendees celebrate their skin and take their Expo experience to the next level. This year’s workshops will focus on identity, transformation and action.

Who doesn’t love S.W.A.G.? (Yes, that’s an actual acronym. It stands for “Stuff We All Get.”) All attendees will receive an Expo ’19 backpack, Expo themed buttons and luggage tag. Be sure to stop by our sample buffet or visit our Expo Exhibitors in between sessions to sample new products and therapies designed to help you live your best life with eczema.

We upped the fun factor for the whole family

You probably assumed we couldn’t make Expo 2019 even more spectacular than last year’s event in Chicago. That’s fair. After all, Expo 2018 was amazing. But you have to remember that anything is possible in the magical world of Eczema Expos. For 2019, we plan to make a huge splash, so don’t forget your swimsuit!

Our stunning desert venue is set amidst flowering cacti and framed against the majestic McDowell Mountains. On site is a 2.5-acre water playground with 10 pools, 20 fountains, 45 waterfalls and a three-story, high-speed waterslide that is illuminated at night with cosmic lights.

There will be plenty of chances to hit the pool or take cover in one of the complimentary Expo cabanas. Transport yourself to the waterways of Venice aboard a beautifully-crafted gondola, while classically-trained singers serenade you in Italian as you cruise the resort’s lake.

On Friday, July 19, we’ll host a “Dive-in Movie” where you can watch a film while floating in the pool. Grab an innertube and enjoy the show!

On the evening of Saturday, July 20, as our Expo Campers settle in for a pizza party and movie night, the grownups should get ready to party, NEA-style. Celebrate the organization’s 30th anniversary at the Eczema Ecz-travaganza, a delightful evening of dinner, drinks and dancing.

(Trust us, you don’t want to miss the chance to see the folks at NEA boogie down.)

Indulge in an eczema-friendly spa experience

All Eczema Warriors deserve to feel pampered. NEA collaborated with Dr. Jeff Yu, a contact dermatitis specialist, and the Hyatt Regency’s luxurious onsite spa, Spa Avania, to create a custom menu of flare-friendly treatments.

Our goal in developing this menu was to give people with eczema an opportunity to enjoy the aesthetic and psychologic benefits of spa treatments without fear of flares or judgement.

Spa practitioners will be briefed on eczema and our amazing community of eczema warriors. They will know that eczema is not contagious and that the skin of people with eczema must be handled with care.

The spa menu will include an Expo-exclusive, low-friction massage called Touch Therapy & Relaxation. Massage and nail care clients may choose from the spa’s standard lotions or lotions with NEA’s Seal of Acceptance™. All linens will be laundered with gentle, fragrance-free detergent and given an extra rinse.

Treatments include access to Spa Avania’s French-Celtic mineral pool, relaxing lotus pond, trellis covered outdoor relaxation areas, steam room, sauna, hot and cold plunges. All Expo attendees will receive 10 percent off standard Spa Avania pricing. Plus, we have arranged for the addition of 30-minute massage sessions to better fit into the schedules and budget of Expo attendees.

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