How to Be a Fundraising Superstar


By Lauren Hewett

Published On: Apr 22, 2021

Last Updated On: May 1, 2021

We talked to three of NEA’s fundraising superstars – eczema parent Christine Cutaran, board member Amy Chrnelich and NEA Ambassador Christy Cox – to learn their secrets for running a successful fundraiser.

  1. Get the word out! Use social media to reach a large audience. Share information frequently and mix up the platform – sometimes Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat . . . even LinkedIn!
  2. Appeal to hearts and minds. Share powerful facts and stats about eczema. The more people understand, the more likely they are to see how their donations will help drive necessary change.
  3. Make it personal. Use photos and videos to help people understand see eczema’s deep impact and why they should donate to your cause. When people can see the impact eczema is having on you or your loved ones, they’ll want to help.
  4. Start simple and grow your fundraiser as your comfort level grows. Fundraisers don’t have to be huge in order to be successful. Be passionate in your efforts and clear in your message and people will react to your energy. People want to help, so let them know how they can do so!
  5. Send a personal “thank you.” Taking a moment to personally acknowledge people’s donations goes a long way and makes asking for donations in the future much easier. Ensuring your donors know how much their contributions mean to you is so important. 

Ready to take your fundraiser to the next level? Here’s what NEA’s fundraising superstars have to share.

Christy Cox says, “Sharing my daughter’s story and my journey along with her throughout the month while I was doing the fundraiser was very helpful in raising money for the cause. I wasn’t just showing pictures of random people but I was sharing part of my life with them so it was personal and it hit home with a lot of people who know us and some people that didn’t know about eczema.”

Christine Cutaran suggests, “Keep it real, authentic and personable. Be open and honest with what your purpose or intent is to help others know what they’re donating for. Be positive in your delivery and be sure to end on a positive note! And have gratitude, always! It will never go out of style. I personally send thank you cards to donors. I know, snail mail . . . but it speaks volumes to receive a small gesture!”

Amy Chrnelich advises, “Throughout the [fundraiser] we would post different aspects of Ella’s story to social media. We did a video, my older daughter wrote a post about being a sibling of an eczema sufferer, we shared facts and statistics, we shared MANY photos [to capture] all the highs and lows of our battle with eczema.  We truly put it all out there so people could really understand what was driving our fundraising efforts. Sharing our personal story with so much raw detail and honesty absolutely contributed to the success of our fundraiser.

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