Get #EczemaWise this Eczema Awareness Month


By National Eczema Association

Published On: Sep 16, 2020

Last Updated On: Oct 30, 2020

October is our favorite month of the year because it’s Eczema Awareness Month (EAM)!

For us, EAM is a 31-day celebration of the eczema community and a month-long reminder that we are not alone with this disease.

It’s an opportunity to boost public awareness and reduce stigma by sharing our stories of trial and triumph with the rest of the world.

It’s a chance to finally feel seen. 

This year, in addition to our #unhideECZEMA social media campaign, we are asking our community to #GetEczemaWise.

This is a community of eczema geniuses. Whether you have eczema yourself or a child with the condition, it takes a lot of detective work to figure out what triggers a flare-up. Was it that new product? Changes in the weather? Stress?

You’re always researching new therapies with the hope that this next treatment is going to be the one to stop the itch and clear up your skin. At this point, you have your skincare regimen down to a science. 

The more we educate ourselves about this disease, the more control we gain over our symptoms. So, it’s no surprise that healthcare professionals count people with eczema among their smartest patients. 

This month, we invite you to take your eczema wisdom to the next level by tuning into our weekly webinars, participating in our social media challenges and sharing your eczema knowledge and experiences through videos, photos and words.

Visit our Eczema Awareness Month page for more! 

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