16 Eczema-Friendly Gift Ideas from the NEA Community

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By National Eczema Association

Published On: Dec 17, 2017

Last Updated On: Dec 17, 2017

For people with eczema and allergies, traditional go-to gifts like scented lotions and wool scarves or sweaters can trigger itchy flare-ups. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t plenty of eczema-friendly indulgences out there!*

  1. This year I’ve been buying eczema friendly gifts to GIVE to our friends and family, like Thieves Cleaner for my mother in law – a more natural cleaning product she can use in her home then for our little one who suffers from eczema. I’m trying to get everyone on board and be more cautious of environmental triggers!!
  2. Bath and body works gift card. We all have our own tolerance on what can use. For myself moonlight path works great. It’s has just enough that I don’t break out.
  3. For me, the moisturizer should be fragrance free and Imidazolidinyl urea free. And of course the label should say dermatologist recommended. For clothing fabric, cotton is the best, definitely no wool!
  4. The Bend Soap Company gift baskets….natural goat milk soaps/lotions and products great for eczema.
  5. Cash!
  6. Lipikar balme ap by la roche posay, long cotton socks
  7. Anything 100% cotton, or if it’s for a female, Thrive Causemetics makes wonderful non toxic beauty products. A wonderful lipstick can really lift the spirits of a lady suffering with eczema. ??
  8. Bubble bath for kiddos with Eczema! They don’t need to miss out!
  9. Beware that Play-Doh and water beads can be very drying and trigger an eczema flare in children who suffer from hand eczema. Gloves in a Bottle is a great add-on gift.
  10. Deer Leather gloves. Aveeno lotion. No stainless steel items (stainless steel contains the allergen, nickel).
  11. I found an organic cotton scarf, cozy and soft.
  12. I usually ask family and friends not to buy me anything like shower stuff, lotions, or beauty products unless they discuss it with me first!
  13. Give me gift certificates. I’m a lot less likely to be sensitive/allergic to those ???
  14. I just found this amazing beauty product for my eczema around my eyes and mouth and it’s the Cocokind matcha stick!! You must try! No fragrance and it doesn’t hurt my skin and I can look normal at work. I usually either look shiny (Vaseline) or I have a white thick cream which is visible for everyone to see which is embarrassing and no way to work. It’s the best!! I got mine at Whole Foods!
  15. Life is Good long sleeve t-shirts. An e-consult with Dr. Richard Aron.
  16. Organic cotton socks. Cotton blankets. High thread count cotton sheets. Dye free candy. Low dye jeans. DVD to distract.

*The recommendations contained in the Scratch Pad are those of the contributor.  NEA provides health information from a variety of sources; this information is not intended as medical advice.  Persons with questions regarding specific symptoms or treatments should consult a professional health-care provider. Do you have eczema-related advice? Share your tips on our Scratch Pad!

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