NEA’s 2020 gift guide: Community-sourced and eczema-friendly

From the Community

By Steve Nelson

Published On: Dec 15, 2020

Last Updated On: Feb 16, 2021

It’s that time of year again. You need to think of some great presents to give. But maybe you’re also hoping that someone will give you the perfect gift, too? We asked the NEA community for the eczema-friendly (or just plain fun) items at the top of your list and you delivered.


Aveeno colloidal oatmeal lotion – @keyoungster on Instagram

Cerave cream – @jessiedoll_07 on Instagram

Sarna Original and Aveeno Eczema Relief lotions – @knpposey on Instagram

Vanicream and cotton pjs. – @melcowl on Instagram

The two-pack (20oz) of my favorite moisturizing cream is in the top 10 of my yearly list. This enables me to keep my daily hydration regimen & have enough to last me for the rest of the dry, winter season. – Megan, NEA Ambassador

The goal is always to promote and maintain healthy-looking moisturized skin after-all, while not triggering eczema symptoms and improving skin’s barrier. That said, some products I recommend for gifting are Josie Maran Argan Oil; Herbivore Phoenix Face Oil, which helps hydrate and revitalize skin and absorbs well; 100% organic Jojoba oil, which I use during bathing or as moisturizer. – Natalie, NEA Ambassador

Skin/facial roller that I can put in the fridge. Anytime I feel an itch, I take it out and roll it over the hotspot – @Littlebitt18 on Instagram

Rocky Mountain Soap Company dry skin body butter – @mspacman319 on Instagram

Renu face cream by @kpsessentials It’s been a miracle worker for my eczema. 💯🤩 – @brazilian_reasons on Instagram

Cotton and silk fabric, a bottle of 25mg tablet Diphenhydramine, a gift package for NB UVB, and all moisturizers with the stamp approval of “e” on its label 😉😂 – @mdrcoy on Instagram

@skinade is the best thing anyone could ever give. It has helped my eczema more than ANYTHING I’ve ever tried. – @brittany.kennon on Instagram

the eczema soap bar from @theskinbrewery!!! – @sarrighi_98 on Instagram

Not a gift, more a stocking stuffer. But my daughter for a Freeman’s face mask in her stocking one year and she was so happy when she actually got to use it. Having atopic dermatitis is hard for anyone but I feel like being a young girl watching all your friends have masks and make up and lotions and stuff knowing you can’t, well, it adds to that struggle. But one year she got an Almond milk mask for sensitive skin and she could actually use it. I could see the excitement in her eyes as she got to put it on and she wore it proudly. – Ivy-Lyn K. on Facebook


100% cotton baby blankets for our son with severe atopic dermatitis – @teenagurl on Instagram

The best eczema-friendly gift is love & support from family, friends and strangers. It is a school team of heroes with a thoughtful 504 plan. It is medical providers who listen and individualize treatment. The best eczema-friendly gift is having guides in your life as you care for your child who believe in you. – @jojorevolution on Instagram


Hello! For me, cotton clothes are always a must! I just ordered myself some Alternative Apparel shirts because my skin LOVES their organic cotton. Also a bonus that the brand is sustainable and responsible in their production and mailing methods. – Michelle Noor, NEA Ambassador

100% cotton! Cottonique has great cotton masks without elastic and their shawls are huge. I also like Lands End and Gap for high quality 100% cotton clothes. I had to learn how to knit to make my own 100% cotton winter hats, gloves and scarves, so that’s always an idea for someone with eczema. – @Reiniciandoenusa on Instagram

My favorite gifts are any cotton products that I can use to protect my skin. This year my mom sent me an early Christmas gift- some cotton gloves for my daily chores and to avoid scratching when I am sleeping. – Carolina, NEA Ambassador

Quality mittens!- @sophiae48 on Instagram

Silk face masks, from @iwearmasq !!! These things are SO great. They don’t break you out, they come gift wrapped, and they have optional scented filters so your mask smells AMAZING. But the best part is, hands down, the fact that they don’t make my skin flare. Total game changer. 5/5, highly recommend. – @um_wunderkind on Instagram

Bamboo clothing from BAM Beanies, scarves, trousers, shirts, sports clothes. I love their clothes.
– Andrew D. on Facebook

Home goods and hobbies

PlayStation Karaoke games! – Christy Cox, NEA Ambassador

Smartsilk bedsheet and comforter which is asthma and allergy-friendly certified. The company claims free of any harmful chemicals and are an effective barrier to allergens, pet dander and dust mites. Their products combines all-natural silk fill liner along with the all-natural soft cotton finish. It feels great on my eczema skin!! – Natalie, NEA Ambassador

The gift at the top of my wish list is a complete set of bamboo sheets. – @allergykid2006 on Instagram

Silky pillowcases🙌🏼🙌🏼 – @patriesque on Instagram

🎁🎀 Best eczema-friendly gift was from my daughter – an Amber Glass Spray Bottle for my 🍇 grape seed oil. At the top of my gift list is: Anything of High Quality Cotton, like T-shirts, Sheets & Blankets etc. Sometimes this is all that my skin can tolerate.🎁🎀 – @theeannyoung on Instagram

Yoga mat 🙏 – @rosaliecallway on Instagram

Eczema life

The best eczema-friendly gift I’ve ever received was when my family member gifted me her unused airline miles, making it possible for me to be able to attend my first NEA eczema expo. – Megan, NEA Ambassador

A female judge forcing my healthcare to cover dupilumab 😄😄😄 – on Instagram

Nothing works for me. Just walking around with messed up skin 😂 – @mamatashh___ on Instagram

Gift cards 😉 – @ssimonj on Instagram

Intangible; the understanding that what I’m experiencing is real. Tangible: three huge tubs of @aquaphorus that lasted all winter ❤️ – @myskinisaflame on Instagram

As we wind down the year and enjoy the holiday season, consider giving a donation in the name of a friend or loved one with eczema. Thank you and happy holidays!!

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