Community Tips: What are your top eczema-friendly travel tips?

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By National Eczema Association

Published On: Feb 5, 2020

Last Updated On: Dec 15, 2020

Whether it’s a business trip, a weekend getaway, a family vacation or your annual trek to Eczema Expo, people with eczema often struggle with travel-related flares – or sometimes avoid travel altogether.

The best defense against eczema flares when traveling is anticipating them and having the right tools at the ready to combat them. We asked the eczema community to share their best advice for traveling without triggering allergies or an eczema rash.

What are your top eczema-friendly travel tips?


The worst part is packing up all the creams, ointments, and moisturizers—some of which need to fit in a bag with other 3 oz stuff. – Diane E.

I bring my own towel (so I don’t get a flare from the hotel’s detergent) and small ice packs to put in the freezer in case I need to numb and cool down a flared patch. – Ashley B.

Bring your own pillow and blanket or just a pillow case and sheets. – Anna B.

Layers are a must. That way if you start to overheat, you can take off one layer at a time.  – Emily B.

I’m allergic to basically everything, so I just don’t travel. I can’t sleep in a room with carpet and everything else that triggers a flare up – Scott T.

Bring long sleeve/pant pajamas to sleep in sheets washed in heavy duty or scented detergent. I usually do wet wraps the week before so I can travel with my skin being as moisturized as possible!  – Caity H.

Make yourself a “sheet/pillow sleeping bag.” Take two twin sheets, sew together at bottom, fully up one side and 3/4 up opposite side. Leave top open! Sew/attach pillow case at top. This way you know your skin is enclosed as much as you can in a material that you are comfortable with, not washed in harsh chemicals, etc. It can be easily rolled/folded up for travel – Stephen G.


Make sure you have enough meds and that you can take them with you. ~ eczemasupportuk 

On the plane I use wet dressings to keep my skin hydrated. ~morgpops

I always ask for non-feather pillows and try to find hotels with no carpet. ~ micaelavorch

You can ask hotels for dust mite allergy accommodations. Some may be able to help. ~ itchypineapple

Whatever you do…DO NOT USE THE HOTEL LOTIONS!!! I learned that the hard way. ~chronicallybrie

Creams and medicines are always the top priority; own bedsheets, blankets and pillowcases come next; and super loose and comfortable traveling clothes are a must! ~ ayeshailyas21

I always bring my own moisturizer, soap, conditioner and washing liquid and softener for clothes. A small pack of moisturizer and thermal water spray are always with me on the plane and on the road. ~myfuelforlife

My best advice is to keep smiling and exploring. Good mood means good eczema condition. ~maharummani

I use travel containers for my eczema-friendly soaps and creams to pack with my carry-on to keep skin hydrated. I also bring disinfectant wipes to clean the surfaces of the airplane seats since I am more prone to skin infections. ~ karen_tru

Oh man! When I travel with my son it feels like a production. I bring allergy-free food/snacks, and although I hate it, I utilize devices when needed. Sometimes a movie or video game can distract him enough to refocus his fixation on his scratching. ~ thesaltyfig

My eczema is usually the tamest when I travel, oddly enough. ~ dalya_kab

Traveling with eczema definitely can be hard and takes planning, but there’s so much beauty in this world to stop one from traveling. ~ freedom7

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