The secret supplement that helped my eczema

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By Virginia Moreno

Published On: Nov 26, 2020

Last Updated On: Jan 18, 2021

I had eczema all during my childhood on the backs of my knees and on my elbows—just itchy, but otherwise, no biggie.

But when I was around 25, it went to my face! I had it all over my eyelids, the sides of my nose and all over my neck. It was SEVERE. I would wake up every morning and have to shower to rub and slough of the scales that formed overnight. Then it was red, raw, itchy and angry.

Nothing helped. I had gone to six different dermatologists, and all they could do for me was cortisone cream and then steroids. The steroids were the only thing that actually helped, but they are not good for your health long-term, so I didn’t feel comfortable using them on an ongoing basis.

My sixth doctor asked me if she could present me to a “Board of Dermatologists” she was meeting with in mid-October (this was the first of September ) to see if they had any ideas on how to help me, so I agreed.

I would have done anything at this point; I was desperate. Having this all over your face at 25 years old was life changing. Days would go by, and I would not leave my house. I hid. 

That’s when I decided to explore alternative treatments

Meanwhile, a friend had called a local health food store and asked them to send me anything on the subject of Eczema. I received pamphlets, etc., and in one there was an article about a patient that had been treated by an “herbalist/ psychologist” in Philadelphia.

Now, this was way before the Google, but I was desperate, so I tracked down this doctor and called him. He actually spoke with me over the phone and gave me a laundry list of things to do. (One was to soak a peeled potato overnight and drink the water in the morning! And so on.)

I asked him if I thought it would be alright for me to speak to another one of his patients. He said he could ask her, and she agreed! When I spoke to her, she said that she had not had eczema in 5 years! 

She told me what she felt really worked for her, which were adrenal supplementsShe told me that she had taken them three times a day and in three weeks, and she hasn’t had eczema at all since! She also said that she still keeps a bottle on her refrigerator door to this day, “just in case.”

So, I immediately went to the health food store and got some. Back then it was about $8 for that bottle of adrenal. I’ve said many times to people when I tell this story that it was adrenal gland extract. Anyway, this is exactly what I did.

*Cut out everything white (flour, sugar) ate clean, (steamed broccoli everyday for lunch) no alcohol. I took the adrenal tablets three times a day for three weeks. 

Then, like a miracle, my skin was clear! After years of suffering with this, my face was clear! I cannot even describe what that felt like.

I took my article, the bottle of adrenal gland extract, and my clear face back to that sixth dermatologist and showed her excitedly what I had learned and what had happened! I guess I expected her to be as, if not more, excited than me, but she showed no interest at all. I moved on with my life.

So that’s my story. It went untold except to people that I just happened to tell if the subject came up. I kept feeling that I should tell someone or share this but wasn’t sure how. Then, about two months ago, I got eczema AGAIN! This time it was in my arm pits! I couldn’t believe it.

My husband of 25 years had never seen eczema on me. I was shocked. I went and got the adrenal gland extract and guess what!? Again, it took about three weeks, but it cleared again. It was then that I knew I had to get the word out just in case this could help even one other person. I am a 59-year-old woman now. I really hope and pray that this could help someone else.  

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