20 Tips For Managing Eczema in Summer


By National Eczema Association

Published On: Jul 10, 2015

Last Updated On: Jul 15, 2021

Eczema can be challenging any time of year. Here are some tips for managing eczema during the summer members of the NEA Facebook community:

    1. Stay hydrated – drink lots of water
    2. Keep gels and lotions in the fridge to keep them cool
    3. Rinse off after swimming and moisturize right away
    4. Use cooling towels – you can find them online
    5. Wear loose fitting, light clothing
    6. Carry a cooler bag with a bottle of cold water and a washcloth to wipe sweat off right away
    7. Eat cooling foods, reduce sugary foods, and drink plenty of water
    8. Swim! The chlorine water helps me tremendously
    9. Keep the insides of elbows and backs of knees as dry as possible (sweat collects there especially in the summer)
    10. Long sleeved cotton pajamas and air conditioning
    11. I minimize sweat by not doing anything too strenuous outside when it’s hot and by staying in the shade
    12. Wear clothing made of natural fabric like cotton or linen, and loose clothing – anything light that is not too tight or close to the skin
    13. Cold shower or cold bath if you do go out and get super sweaty
    14. Coconut oil! I soak in a baking soda bath (lukewarm to cool water) and slather on coconut oil afterwards.
    15. Use sunscreen that doesn’t sting. Look for the ones that have the NEA Seal of Acceptance
    16. I drink lots and lots of water
    17. When it’s hot out I wear loose fitting t-shirts in moisture wicking material so despite my excessive sweating, my shirt stays dry.
    18. Moisturizing while your skin is still damp!
    19. I shower twice a day and wear cotton clothing
    20. When I get too hot, I put a tank top in icy cold water, wring it out, then wear it for a while to help cool down

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