Tips for using baths to manage eczema symptoms from the NEA community


By National Eczema Association

Published On: Aug 23, 2017

Last Updated On: Aug 23, 2017

NEA community members tell how they use baths to manage their eczema symptoms and prevent flare-ups.*

Crucial bath time routine

The most important ways my 12-year-old son can care for his skin are to take a 15-minute soak in a warm tub each evening followed by an application of a healing ointment such as Aquaphor. We have been buying the Walmart brand, Equate, which works just as well and is much cheaper. My son has to be certain that he applies the ointment to his arms and legs thoroughly. This daily ritual is critical during the colder, drier months. If he does this, then he needs to use his prescription topical steroid ointments much less often.

– Mary G.

Daily bathing with Avon Skin So Soft Body Bar

I sure hope you do spread the word of how wonderful this soap works (at least for me) as bathing daily with Avon, Skin So Soft Replenishing Body Bar Original seems to prevent outbreaks of the itch/rash. I was only 3 days old when I broke out with this malady.

I’ve used this for many years and it’s been the best treatment I’ve ever had.

I’ve informed local dermatologists and others. I’ve known people who suffer; but you are in a much better position to tell more people.

As I said earlier, bathing and using it in the bath water seems to put a “film” on (but not a scum by any means).

This mild, non-drying soap is formulated with Shea Butter and Vitamins to leave skin feeling smooth and soft. It is a lightly scented soap with a blend of skin conditioners and moisturizers and is gentle enough to cleanse the face and body. It is suitable for all skin types and dermatologically tested.

– Alice M.

Swimming pool bleach bath

I read the article on eczema bleach bath treatment. During my youth I had a severe problem and the ointments prescribed drove me crazy. After I went into a chlorinated swimming pool on several occasions, the problem finally went away. This was 50 years ago. I think this, in a small way, reaffirms your study.

– Arthur

Apple cider vinegar soak

I have found that adding two cups of apple cider vinegar to a warm bath does wonders for my skin! After adding the vinegar to my bath water recently, I just sat in the tub for about 15 minutes. I did not use any soaps, etcetera, while in the tub to prevent any of the products from mixing in the water. After sitting for 15 minutes I got out and my skin felt great! In fact, my skin felt so good that for the first time in a long time I didn’t even moisturize and was able to go straight to bed. I am not in the middle of a flare-up, but no matter what, I always have dry skin. I recommend an apple cider vinegar bath for those who may need a moisture boost, and it is even good for those who have flared up. It is very soothing. Hope this helps!

– Ryane J.

*The recommendations contained in the Scratch Pad are those of the contributor.  NEA provides health information from a variety of sources; this information is not intended as medical advice.  Persons with questions regarding specific symptoms or treatments should consult a professional health-care provider.

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