Are you eczema-ready for school?


By National Eczema Association

Published On: Jul 29, 2019

Last Updated On: Aug 29, 2023

We’re getting closer to that time of year when superstores start stocking their shelves with school supplies for restless, young students (and their relieved parents), while teachers make their own preparations to head back to the classroom.

Preparing for the school year can be challenging for eczema families. An ordinary day at school is filled with possible triggers that can aggravate eczema symptom—from carpets to outdoor activities to standard soaps—making everyday activities like recess or arts and crafts more difficult.

School stress is another less visible but still important classroom trigger. Both the symptoms and treatment of eczema can be stressful for children, as can the social and emotional consequences of the condition.

At an age when their classmates are learning social skills, children with eczema can be singled out and even bullied because of their disease. It’s important that parents and teachers are aware of the emotional impact these symptoms can have on a child’s self-esteem.

That’s why NEA created the Eczema: Tools for School education guides to help parents and teachers create a positive school experience for children with eczema. These handy information booklets offer resources and advice to foster a positive experience for children with eczema.

The guides include strategies for raising disease awareness in class; recommendations for building an eczema school care kit; and a list of books and movies aimed at raising self-esteem, promoting positive thinking and encouraging understanding of people who are different.

An educator guide offers a useful work page for teachers and parents to develop an action plan to support the student with eczema at school.

Are you eczema-ready for school? Download your copy of Eczema: Tools for School today!

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