Mindfulness matters: How mindfulness can fight flares


By Lauren Hewett

Published On: Apr 6, 2020

Last Updated On: Sep 29, 2020

Research has demonstrated a correlation between stress and eczema – stress causes eczema to flare, and flaring eczema worsens stress. Mindfulness-based practices have been shown to decrease inflammatory markers, improve sleep quality and decrease itch, stress, depression and fatigue. Dr. Mamta Jhaveri discusses the eczema-stress connection, explain how mindfulness can help fight flares, and identify useful ways to integrate mindfulness practices into your daily life.

Mamta Jhaveri, M.D.
Assistant Professor of Dermatology
Board certified dermatologist
Johns Hopkins Medicine
Washington, D.C.

Emily Fesler
Eczema warrior, certified yoga and meditation teacher


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