What Has Eczema Taken From You and What Has It Given You?


By NEA Community

Published On: Oct 27, 2022

Last Updated On: Oct 27, 2022

This Eczema Awareness Month, NEA asked our community members: What has eczema taken from you, and what has it given to you?  

Eczema has taken away my peace of mind. It has kept me inside. It has cost me many a lot of my youth and I feel like I am forced to always worry about what’s gonna trigger a flare next. It’s given me resilience that not many people know. It’s given me patience. It’s given me connections. It’s given me gratitude for the numerous good things in my life.


It has taken away my confidence as I’m always feeling like I need to hide my skin so people won’t look or make comments. I guess if it has given me anything it’s that I look for more natural products that are healthier for my body.


Eczema has ripped my self confidence away at most times and made me question my worth so often, but at the same time it has taught me to be grateful for the little things in life. Everything’s a gift. For instance, a good peaceful undisturbed night means a lot for me, something not everyone knows the value of 🙂


Eczema has taken away my freedom to eat whatever I like, whenever I like. I have to avoid foods. I love to prevent flare ups OR eat them and deal with the consequences. Eczema has given me a new confidence and self-love. I had to learn to love me with and without flare ups and learn that everyone has flaws. I’d rather mine be crusty dry skin over a horrible personality any day. My skin might not always glow but my soul does.


It’s taken my sleep on countless nights. 😢 It’s also dampened my days with friends & boyfriend when I was supposed to be having fun. It’s given me a feeling of gratitude that it could be much worse. I enjoy every moment that I don’t have a flare 


Eczema: it has taken my original confidence of possessing healthy skin from me. although, now I am completely healed. Secondly, what it has given to me? 😑 an insight into looking after my gut health as a predominant factor.


It has stolen my skin, color pigment, sleep & intimacy. But I have gained a better sense of self & ability to educate people that it’s not contagious. I enjoy the moments when I’m not covered in a rash, whether it’s dry with deep fission cuts or oozy & crusty


Eczema has taken my self-esteem and also some people from my life. Some of my family became judgmental to me because of it, mostly because they lack knowledge about eczema 😢. But at the same time it’s also taught me to learn about self love. I’m glad that I met several friends that are not judgmental ❤️


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