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A tiny pill might offer big relief for eczema patients

Oral systemic treatment baricitinib shows promise for atopic dermatitis in phase 2

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Researchers dispel ‘hygiene hypothesis’ linked to eczema study

The closer scientists are to identifying the connection between our immune system and how it reacts to inflammatory triggers, the closer we’ll be to finding a cure for eczema.

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Hand Eczema Common Among Health Care Workers

Frequent hand washing and glove use are necessary parts of working in health care, but often come with a painful side effect: hand dermatitis.

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Adults with AD at greater risk for eye disease

Learn how to lower your risk with easy-to-follow tips for healthier eyes.

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Cardiovascular Disease Risk Low for People with AD

Living with eczema does not mean you’re at a higher risk for developing cardiovascular diseases like diabetes or stroke, according to new research.

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Scientists identify a gene mutation that may cause atopic dermatitis

Understanding the genetic makeup of people with atopic dermatitis allows scientists to create highly targeted treatments and, potentially, a cure.

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What Is Measured Is Managed

People with eczema have a new tool in their pocket to manage triggers, symptoms and treatments all the while contributing to eczema research.

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A Second Biologic Drug for Atopic Dermatitis Makes Its Way to Market

Following on the heels of Dupixent (dupilumab)—the first-ever biologic drug for atopic dermatitis (the most common type of eczema), approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on March 28—a second biologic may soon be on the way.

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Bullying and Self-Esteem in Kids with Eczema

Many studies have looked at how teasing and bullying based on appearance affects people physically and mentally.

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5 Environmental Allergies (and how to manage them)

From dust mites to pet dander, we walk you through the common triggers for asthma and allergic rhinitis and show you how to manage symptoms.

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