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Mounting evidence sheds light on the burden of eczema

Atopic dermatitis is more than just financial burden on households. It has social, economic, academic and occupational repercussions as well, studies show.

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Dupixent may soon be approved for teenagers

Dupixent, a biologic drug for moderate to severe AD, may soon be available to patients aged 12 to 18 if the treatment continues its success rate in adolescent clinical trials.

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Clinical trials for eczema can change your life

Now that we’re in the “Era of Eczema,” it’s never been easier for patients to help researchers develop better treatments for atopic dermatitis.

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Severe AD Linked to CV Risk

Prevention strategies can help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease among patients with severe or predominately active AD, including awareness of and screening for conventional cardiovascular risk factors.

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Understanding inflammation’s role in atopic dermatitis

Top dermatologists unravel the complexities of the inflammatory response for people with eczema, in sickness and in health.

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First food allergy treatment seeks FDA approval

The oral treatment AR101 was found to improve study participants’ peanut tolerance. If approved, the pill could be available to peanut allergy sufferers as early as next year.

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Two new pills show promise for treating atopic dermatitis

FDA grants breakthrough therapy status for upadacitinib, speeding up the time it would normally take for a treatment to be approved and delivered to pharmacy shelves.

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Is that eczema?! Diagnostic and therapeutic challenges for atopic dermatitis

Eczema affects everyone differently, making diagnosis and treatment often challenging. Find out why that is and what you can do about it.

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A tiny pill might offer big relief for eczema patients

Oral systemic treatment baricitinib shows promise for atopic dermatitis in phase 2

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Researchers dispel ‘hygiene hypothesis’ linked to eczema study

The closer scientists are to identifying the connection between our immune system and how it reacts to inflammatory triggers, the closer we’ll be to finding a cure for eczema.

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