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Eczema Awareness Month

Nearly one-third of people with atopic dermatitis report depression/anxiety

A new survey from the National Eczema Association shows atopic dermatitis is more than skin deep

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Eczema Awareness Month: It’s Time to Take Action

Now that you know how to improve your health inside and out, help others with eczema do the same.

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Raise Your Voice for Eczema!

Eczema is a serious public health issue, and the National Eczema Association needs your help to raise awareness!

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Advocating for eczema = opportunity of a lifetime

A college student passionate about patient rights had October declared Eczema Awareness Month in her home state of Louisiana, then took on Congress in Washington, D.C.

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Eczema Awareness Month: Do try this at home

Dr. Charles Raison provides some helpful tips for how people with eczema can help lower their inflammation, while also boosting their mental health.

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Eczema Awareness Month: The Science Behind Feeling Lousy

“If your skin is involved in atopic dermatitis and you feel embarrassed, ashamed or self-conscious, these are huge producers of depression. Those feelings are also very stressful. And we know that psychological stress activates those same inflammatory pathways, which is really the tragedy of the situation.”

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Eczema: It’s More than Skin Deep

Instead of focusing solely on the physical symptoms of eczema, we think it’s time you gave your mental health some TLC too.

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Why People with Eczema Have Trouble Sleeping (and What to Do About It)

Sleep is as important to humans as breathing, eating and drinking. Yet for patients and families dealing with eczema, sleep often comes in short bursts between itching and scratching cycles.

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My Journey: Music is Healing

“Mom, I cannot take it any more.” These words are truly heartbreaking for a parent to hear from their child, especially when we feel powerless to do anything.

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10 Tips For Getting A Good Night’s Sleep When You’re Bothered By Eczema

We asked our community how they get to sleep when dealing with an eczema flare or itch.

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