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Eczema Awareness Month

From sufferer to survivor

A particularly painful flare-up of atopic dermatitis gave me a new sense of purpose and a more positive outlook on life.

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Finding the Beauty in the Imperfection of Eczema

When we tell our stories, show our cracks and roughness, we become empowered. We heal the invisible cracks in our hearts. And we do the same for the people watching. Celebrate Eczema Awareness Month 2018 and help us #unhideECZEMA.

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‘All you need is a story and the passion to share it’

A mom’s frustration with struggling to find non-toxic skincare products for her son led to a new job and an opportunity to advocate for NEA.

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How I found the right preschool for my eczema child

Every parent worries about their child’s first day of preschool, especially when the child has eczema.

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Itching for relief from my eczema

A diplomat and certified yoga teacher traveled the world looking for effective treatments for her atopic dermatitis until she finally found one that worked.

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NEA’s amazing eczema warriors #UnhideEczema in Times Square

The National Eczema Association unveils a billboard in Times Square for eczema awareness throughout the summer of 2018.

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Models with eczema get ready for their close-up

Dove launched a new ad campaign featuring women with eczema and other skin conditions. Mercedes Matz and Alexis Smith were two of the women selected.

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Meet four families triumphing over eczema

When one person has eczema, it affects the whole household. Patients, parents and medical professionals alike offer their best tips for conquering eczema as a family.

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Is that eczema?! Diagnostic and therapeutic challenges for atopic dermatitis

Eczema affects everyone differently, making diagnosis and treatment often challenging. Find out why that is and what you can do about it.

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Why I became an eczema advocate

A college student in Louisiana finds a new purpose (and a furry, new friend) during a time when her atopic dermatitis was at its very worst.

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