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Eczema Awareness Month

Itching leads to inspiration

A teen living with eczema for most of her life explains what inspired her to research what causes this disease and its prevalence among children.

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Happily ever after (with eczema)

A diverse group of people with eczema from around the world share their stories and best relationship advice.

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Eczema en vogue: Fighting the stigma in fashion

“Godfather of Singapore Fashion” Daniel Boey shares how he conquers the daily struggles of life with eczema.

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The itch to write

Peter Moffat, the man behind BBC’s “Criminal Justice,” which inspired HBO’s “The Night Of,” says he created a lead character with severe eczema for personal reasons.

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Nearly one-third of people with atopic dermatitis report depression/anxiety

A new survey from the National Eczema Association shows atopic dermatitis is more than skin deep

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Why People with Eczema Have Trouble Sleeping (and What to Do About It)

Sleep is as important to humans as breathing, eating and drinking. Yet for patients and families dealing with eczema, sleep often comes in short bursts between itching and scratching cycles.

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Eczema: A Lifelong Conflict

“To live with eczema is to fight a war for control of your own body—with the goal of enjoying life, even temporarily, as people with normal skin do.” Kaspar Mossman, describes his life spent with eczema.

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What I’ve Learned from 70 Years of Eczema

When my eczema arrived in 1942, there weren’t many options for treatment.

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Eczema: Back to the Basics

Whether you’re newly diagnosed or have been afflicted for years, there are always opportunities to expand your knowledge base about eczema.

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Eczema is a Real Character

The HBO mini-series called “The Night Of” is about a complicated murder case set in New York City. It’s also about living with eczema.

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