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Eczema Warriors

A blessing in disguise

Severe eczema struck me during my third pregnancy and took me down a dark path of insecurity and depression. Then I saw a commercial for a new eczema treatment that brought me hope and a new outlook on life.

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Scratch Pad: How do you survive salon appointments without triggering your eczema?

We asked the NEA community for tips for navigating the beauty salon without triggering eczema flares.

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7 easy tips for talking to elected officials about eczema

Seasoned NEA advocates Cara Ellis and Amber Jewett offer their advice for effectively communicating with elected officials.

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How to be an advocate for yourself and others

Every year, eczema warriors gather on Capitol Hill to share their stories with legislators, pushing to fund national research and improve access to eczema treatments. Join NEA’s grassroots movement and learn how to speak with Members of Congress about the issues that matter to you.

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Itching for a Cure 2019: Now that’s teamwork

Thank you to our 2019 IFAC participants who helped us raise more than $8,000 for eczema research, resources and support. We couldn’t have done it without you.

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Scratch Pad: What do you do when your eczema flares in public?

We asked the NEA community to tell us what they do when their eczema flares in public.

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Her platform is a throne

Thanks to the ingenuity of recent college grad and pageant queen Morgan Brunson, trick-or-treaters received healthy treats and Eczema Awareness Month materials on Halloween.

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How NEA changed my daughter’s life

As the mother of a 6-year-old with eczema, life without the National Eczema Association is not a life I want to know.

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Take a stand against step therapy

NEA is ramping up its efforts at the state and federal levels to end step therapy, the health insurance protocol that requires patients to try and fail other medications before approving coverage for the treatment originally prescribed by their doctor. Want in on the action? All it takes is a quick phone call.

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This is a letter ‘to those’

I want all the people living with eczema – along with their friends and family – to know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. You just have to run towards it.

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