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Eczema Warriors

‘If I hadn’t found NEA…’

From pediatric research to educational materials to Expo scholarship funding, these are just a few of the ways NEA supports eczema families.

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Picture Perfect: Learning to love the skin I’m in

A candid photography project I did in college finally brought me out of my “eczema shell” for good.

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Open letter to eczema

Living with eczema has made me miserable for most of my life. I finally decided to write a letter and give this disease a piece of my mind. It was one of the best things I’ve ever done.

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Stitches for Itches

Two cousins living with eczema and allergies start a lucrative business making hairbows and headbands to raise funding for eczema awareness.

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How atopic dermatitis inspired me to become a nurse

A severe allergic reaction sent me to the emergency room, where the staff inspired me to become a nurse. Today, I specialize in caring for patients with atopic dermatitis.

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What I learned at Expo Camp

A 16-year-old explains what it’s like to be a teenager with eczema and how attending Expo Camp gave him a new perspective on life.

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Wherever I go, my eczema follows

After moving to three different states, I learned that geographic location has a curious impact on my atopic dermatitis.

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‘Regular Joe Schmo’ makes miraculous eczema recovery

Steve Gawron of Long Island, New York, is getting used to his clear skin after battling severe atopic dermatitis for almost five decades.

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Superheroes of Expo 2018

We might not have been able to fit ALL 400 OF YOU in this article, but Expo attendees, you left an imprint on our hearts. Thanks for joining us at Expo ’18!

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What you missed at Eczema Expo 2018

Hundreds of Eczema Warriors convened in Chicago in July 2018 to prove to the world (and themselves) that you really can “live your best life” with eczema.

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