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Eczema Warriors

“The most important way to heal”

After a lifetime of different eczema treatments, Serita Winthrop credits the loving kindness of friends for her healing.

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Scratch Pad: Eczema advice from our global community

In this very special edition of Scratch Pad, we invited eczema warriors outside of the United States to share their best eczema advice. 

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Eczema around the world

While the U.S. has over 31 million people living with eczema, the disease doesn’t stop at our borders. We invited eczema warriors around the world to discuss their experiences and cultural stigmas in their countries along with coping mechanisms, treatment options and access to care.

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Roselyne’s journey toward healing

By facing and accepting her eczema, Roselyne Kuete of France has found a way to tame its worst symptoms while exploring her gift for entrepreneurialism.

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How I deal with the chaos of COVID-19

Fashion industry insider Daniel Boey was struggling with his own fears and concerns during the coronavirus pandemic until a scary experience instigated the wake-up call he needed to see things in a different light.

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Surviving itchy days with the eczema community

Helen Piña, a social media-savvy eczema warrior and blogger, walks us through the various platforms she uses for engaging with the eczema community.

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Eczema is the friend I never wanted (but am learning to love)

There’s no doubt eczema can be a downer. Yet, just like with so many things in life, there is an upside. I’m learning to find and accept the good that accompanies the bad.

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My quest for Eucerin: A COVID-19 waiting game

Eczema warrior and writer Sarah Harris thought she had everything she needed to hunker down and start social distancing until she realized she was running low on her favorite moisturizer.

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10 tips for reducing stress around COVID-19

Eunice Yu, a Chicago-based certified yoga instructor and former educator and therapist, offers tips for keeping stress and anxiety at bay during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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How I take this time to work on loving my eczema

Posting my flares online was the reason it became so easy for me to unhide my eczema in public. Since we’re all home quarantining, what better time than now to start a selfie challenge?

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