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Eczema Warriors

From angry and addicted to happy and healthy

After hitting rock bottom from steroid addiction, Suneil Doug, a fitness instructor living in the U.K., found a new outlook on life.

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NEA’s founders reminisce on the past 30 years

NEA has come a long way since its inception in 1988, thanks to three dedicated people in Portland, Oregon, who watched their small grassroots nonprofit evolve into the global eczema community it is today.

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Ode to the Itchy

Andrea Goetz sums up what eczema warriors battle with every day in her witty, heartfelt poem.

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How I cultivate mindfulness to help manage eczema

Eczema warrior Kuniko Nakamura shares her journey through yoga, mindfulness awareness practice and meditation.

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Go, Ella, Go!

With her eczema under control, 9-year-old Ella Gradowski is off to the races in her NEA-themed Mini-Wedge race car.

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Has Dupixent delivered on its promise? The eczema community offers honest feedback

More than two years after the FDA’s approval of the first biologic treatment for atopic dermatitis, many patients taking Dupixent report dramatic improvement in their symptoms and quality of life.

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10 inexpensive ways I manage my eczema

When you love saving money just as much as you hate having your eczema flare up.

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24 hours of eczema

British recording artist, actress and wellness coach Nataylia Roni walks us through a day in her life as a person with eczema.

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When life with eczema becomes the new ‘normal’

You try all the creams, ointments, doctors, pills, experts and theories, but in the end, you just get used to living with eczema.

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Teen Warriors Unite!

NEA’s new Teen Engagement Program Steering Committee shares their stories to help other teens with eczema overcome challenges in life.

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