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Father of the Year

A competition at his gym enabled Anthony Trias and his teammates to win a $5,000 prize, which was donated to NEA in honor of his son, Aiden.

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Do you have atopic dermatitis? It’s time to speak up!

Understand AD is a public awareness program led by famed screenwriter Peter Moffat to shed light on this poorly understood form of eczema.

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Itching leads to inspiration

A teen living with eczema for most of her life explains what inspired her to research what causes this disease and its prevalence among children.

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Alternative eczema treatments from natural oils to elimination diets

We asked a doctor to separate fact from fiction when it comes to complementary and alternative treatments for moderate to severe eczema.

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October 2018 declared Eczema Awareness Month in Georgia!

As part of NEA’s Raise Your Voice campaign, eczema advocates are working with state legislators to raise eczema awareness.

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Eczema in skin of color: What you need to know

Atopic dermatitis can look different on a range of skin tones, and research shows that certain ethnic groups are more at risk. But the symptoms and treatment options for this common disease are universal to everyone.

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Decoding the mystery of dyshidrotic eczema

This common form of eczema is often misunderstood and sometimes even misdiagnosed, but the symptoms and treatment options are all too familiar.

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How new federal policies could impact eczema health care

NEA’s vice president of advocacy and access explains how today’s political climate might affect insurance coverage and treatment options for people with eczema.

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Ask a doctor: Dr. Robert Sidbury on managing your child’s eczema

Dr. Robert Sidbury answers questions about the latest treatments and offers skincare tips for children of all ages.

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Living well with eczema (and all the ways to do it)

We asked a patient, medical doctor and psychologist for their best advice to conquer the daily struggles of life with atopic dermatitis.

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