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“The most important way to heal”

After a lifetime of different eczema treatments, Serita Winthrop credits the loving kindness of friends for her healing.

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Immune-boosting, allergy-friendly recipes from a registered nutritionist

Rakhi Roy Chowdhury, a registered dietician and nutritionist living with eczema, shares her favorite recipes containing nutrients believed to support gut health and boost the immune system.

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Get the Facts: Turmeric

Is there healthcare gold for people with eczema in this orange-yellow spice? Scientists aren’t sure, but early research is promising.

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Get the Facts: CBD

Topicals made from this cannabis plant component are everywhere, promising better skin and more. While more research is needed, some experts think they’re worth a try for eczema.

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Scratch Pad: Eczema advice from our global community

In this very special edition of Scratch Pad, we invited eczema warriors outside of the United States to share their best eczema advice. 

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Ask the Ecz-perts: keto diet, food allergies, natural creams, mental health

In this edition of Ask the Eczperts, we asked medical professionals to answer your questions about natural creams, food allergies, “keto rash,” gut health, Staph infections and mental health.

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Roselyne’s journey toward healing

By facing and accepting her eczema, Roselyne Kuete of France has found a way to tame its worst symptoms while exploring her gift for entrepreneurialism.

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Get the Facts: Ayurveda

What is Ayurveda, and can it help manage eczema symptoms? We break down the basics of this ancient practice.

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The impact of the envirome on eczema

Researchers explore whether exposure to environmental factors — such as climate change, indoor and outdoor air pollution and prenatal stress — play a significant role in the development of allergic diseases.

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How I deal with the chaos of COVID-19

Fashion industry insider Daniel Boey was struggling with his own fears and concerns during the coronavirus pandemic until a scary experience instigated the wake-up call he needed to see things in a different light.

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