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How to exercise safely with eczema

When it comes to working out with eczema, don’t sweat the small stuff. These tips will help you get your fitness on safely and effectively.

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NEA’s amazing eczema warriors #UnhideEczema in Times Square

The National Eczema Association unveils a billboard in Times Square for eczema awareness throughout the summer of 2018.

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Bringing better eczema care to patients and doctors

NEA unveils plans for 2018 including establishing a new education coalition for medical professionals and launching a web platform that makes it easier for patients to collaborate on eczema care with their doctors.

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Models with eczema get ready for their close-up

Dove launched a new ad campaign featuring women with eczema and other skin conditions. Mercedes Matz and Alexis Smith were two of the women selected.

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Beyond the eczema rash

There’s more to atopic dermatitis than dry, itchy skin. An expert explains the art of pinpointing triggers and AD’s connection to asthma, hay fever and food allergies.

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First food allergy treatment seeks FDA approval

The oral treatment AR101 was found to improve study participants’ peanut tolerance. If approved, the pill could be available to peanut allergy sufferers as early as next year.

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Two new pills show promise for treating atopic dermatitis

FDA grants breakthrough therapy status for upadacitinib, speeding up the time it would normally take for a treatment to be approved and delivered to pharmacy shelves.

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Climbing the corporate ladder with eczema

Managing severe eczema flares in a busy corporate environment can be challenging. Marketing leader Helen Piña shares her best survival tips.

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It’s all a guessing game: Part 2

Joan Wanamaker shares her experiences managing multiple forms of eczema as an adult.

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Is that eczema?! Diagnostic and therapeutic challenges for atopic dermatitis

Eczema affects everyone differently, making diagnosis and treatment often challenging. Find out why that is and what you can do about it.

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