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Ask the Ecz-perts: TSW, dry skin, leaky gut, vaccines, allergies

In this edition of Ask the Ecz-perts, we asked leading medical professionals to answer your questions about dry skin, eczema and gut health, vaccines, Dupixent for seasonal allergies, and topical steroid withdrawal.

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Types of eczema: dyshidrotic eczema

A blistering rash on hands or feet is the hallmark of this form of eczema, which is often triggered by stress.

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Scratch Pad: What are your top eczema-friendly travel tips?

We asked the eczema community for their best suggestions for traveling with eczema.

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5 ways I manage my dyshidrotic eczema

I remember when I first got the onset of my dyshidrotic eczema in August of 2017. I had no clue that what seemed like a harmless little rash would soon take over my life and threaten my mental health.

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Ask the Ecz-perts: eyelid eczema, microbiome, probiotics

In this edition of Ask the Eczperts, we asked Dr. Peter Lio to discuss eyelid eczema, the relationship between eczema and microbiome, and probiotics.

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Can meditation help ease eczema itch?

Researchers have reported that meditation is a viable coping mechanism during eczema flares. Participants in the NEA-funded study found that consistent meditation helped improve concentration and gave them a sense of control over their itch.

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A blessing in disguise

Severe eczema struck me during my third pregnancy and took me down a dark path of insecurity and depression. Then I saw a commercial for a new eczema treatment that brought me hope and a new outlook on life.

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Share the love

We offer a few ways you can share love with NEA and the eczema community this Valentine’s Day.

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Scratch Pad: How do you survive salon appointments without triggering your eczema?

We asked the NEA community for tips for navigating the beauty salon without triggering eczema flares.

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7 easy tips for talking to elected officials about eczema

Seasoned NEA advocates Cara Ellis and Amber Jewett offer their advice for effectively communicating with elected officials.

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