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7 easy tips for talking to elected officials about eczema

Seasoned NEA advocates Cara Ellis and Amber Jewett offer their advice for effectively communicating with elected officials.

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How to be an advocate for yourself and others

Every year, eczema warriors gather on Capitol Hill to share their stories with legislators, pushing to fund national research and improve access to eczema treatments. Join NEA’s grassroots movement and learn how to speak with Members of Congress about the issues that matter to you.

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Itching for a Cure 2019: Now that’s teamwork

Thank you to our 2019 IFAC participants who helped us raise more than $8,000 for eczema research, resources and support. We couldn’t have done it without you.

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Skincare tips for people of color

Understanding the unique qualities of your skin type – and how it’s affected by eczema – can help you identify the best skincare regimen and treatments.

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Scratch Pad: What do you do when your eczema flares in public?

We asked the NEA community to tell us what they do when their eczema flares in public.

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Her platform is a throne

Thanks to the ingenuity of recent college grad and pageant queen Morgan Brunson, trick-or-treaters received healthy treats and Eczema Awareness Month materials on Halloween.

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Get the Facts: Wet Wraps

What are wet wraps, and do they really help soothe symptoms of eczema? Spoiler alert: Yes!

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Everything you need to know about eczema in skin of color

Eczema can sometimes appear, and even behave, differently across the skin tone spectrum. This can lead to diagnostic challenges for doctors, and a greater burden of disease for patients of color.

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Born to be wildling

A new kind of lab mouse might someday help scientists better understand the role microbiota play in eczema and the human immune response.

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Apple cider vinegar may not improve skin barrier, pilot study shows

Researchers at the University of Virginia found that soaking in dilute apple cider vinegar was more likely to cause mild skin irritation than improve skin integrity.

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