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Living Well

Skincare tips for people of color

Understanding the unique qualities of your skin type – and how it’s affected by eczema – can help you identify the best skincare regimen and treatments.

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Get the Facts: Wet Wraps

What are wet wraps, and do they really help soothe symptoms of eczema? Spoiler alert: Yes!

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Everything you need to know about eczema in skin of color

Eczema can sometimes appear, and even behave, differently across the skin tone spectrum. This can lead to diagnostic challenges for doctors, and a greater burden of disease for patients of color.

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Spoil your favorite spoonie

Whether you’re shopping for a parent, partner, child or even yourself, these are the gifts that keep on giving.

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Surviving holiday stress

When the holidays are supposed to be holly jolly, but you’re over here trying your best not to fa-la-la-la freak out.

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‘Tis the season for triggers

It’s the most wonderful time of the year when everything seems to set off your eczema and allergies. We asked an allergist and immunologist for advice.

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Ancient eczema treatments

Traditional Chinese Medicine, the ancient wellness practice of bringing all aspects of human health into balance, has been used to treat eczema symptoms for thousands of years. We recently spoke with a TCM practitioner (who is also an eczema patient) to learn more.

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Watch out for these holiday hazards  

The holiday season is sneaking up on us. Be prepared to fight flare-ups.

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The eczema warrior’s guide to irritation-free beauty

Salon visits are meant to leave you feeling confident and relaxed — not embarrassed or covered in an itchy rash. Here’s how to get groomed without getting triggered.

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Get the Facts: Celery Juice

Will drinking 16 ounces of straight celery juice on an empty stomach every morning help clear your eczema or prevent flare-ups from happening?

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