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Living Well

Are flu shots safe, effective for people with eczema?

Researchers say the type of vaccine and whether it’s administered in the skin or muscle could make a difference for people with atopic dermatitis.

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Ask a doctor: Dr. Robert Sidbury on managing your child’s eczema

Dr. Robert Sidbury answers questions about the latest treatments and offers skincare tips for children of all ages.

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Living well with eczema (and all the ways to do it)

We asked a patient, medical doctor and psychologist for their best advice to conquer the daily struggles of life with atopic dermatitis.

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Hungry for eczema relief? You’re not alone.

Culinary expert, author and TV personality Elizabeth Falkner is living with AD and wants to help get the word out.

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Soup to Soothe: Turmeric Spiced Carrot Broth

For a May 2016 livestream culinary event in New York City, celebrity chef Elizabeth Falkner crafted a three-course meal which drew inspiration from the stories of everyday people with atopic dermatitis.

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Eczema in Winter

Even people who don’t have eczema often find that when they undress at the end of the day or get out of bed in the morning their skin feels itchy and they want to scratch — even if they felt comfortable moments before.

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Eczema Awareness Month: It’s Time to Take Action

Now that you know how to improve your health inside and out, help others with eczema do the same.

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Eczema Awareness Month: Do try this at home

Dr. Charles Raison provides some helpful tips for how people with eczema can help lower their inflammation, while also boosting their mental health.

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Eczema Awareness Month: The Science Behind Feeling Lousy

“If your skin is involved in atopic dermatitis and you feel embarrassed, ashamed or self-conscious, these are huge producers of depression. Those feelings are also very stressful. And we know that psychological stress activates those same inflammatory pathways, which is really the tragedy of the situation.”

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Eczema: It’s More than Skin Deep

Instead of focusing solely on the physical symptoms of eczema, we think it’s time you gave your mental health some TLC too.

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