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Living Well

How to identify and control eczema triggers without losing your mind

Because eczema triggers vary from individual to individual, recognizing and avoiding them can be challenging—but doable.

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Merging traditional and alternative therapies for eczema relief

Integrative medicine is gaining traction in the health care field, specifically the idea of balancing conventional treatments with complementary therapies for a whole-body approach to treating eczema.

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Are you prepared for an emergency?

Everyone should have emergency plans in place to ensure they have food, water and safety in the event of a disaster. But people with eczema have additional concerns to manage. NEA is here to help.

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Preventable – documenting TSW

NEA is honored to share this important, powerful documentary “Preventable: Protecting our largest organ”. We are aligned with the ITSAN community and are partnering towards a better future.

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Wherever I go, my eczema follows

After moving to three different states, I learned that geographic location has a curious impact on my atopic dermatitis.

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Are you itching for eczema-friendly products?

NEA’s product directory is a mobile friendly, searchable database that makes it easier than ever to find personal care products for eczema skin.

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Squad Goals: Build Your Own Eczema Care Team

Treating the symptoms and side effects of atopic dermatitis should not be done solo. Learn how to put together a whole crew of medical professionals to help you feel your best.

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Globetrotting with eczema

A month-long trip through Europe triggered the worst eczema flare-up of my life. But I learned some valuable lessons from this experience.

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How to break up with your doctor (and find the right one for you)

What do you do when you have eczema, and you and your doctor are not a match? It’s simple. You end things amicably, move on and keep searching until you find “the one.”

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Faces of Atopic Dermatitis in America

Six Eczema Warriors from across the United States demonstrate the different ways atopic dermatitis affects our physical and mental health.

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