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Living Well

Decoding the mystery of eczema product labels

Learn how to research the wording and ingredients on your personal and household product labels to make sure they’re safe for eczema skin.

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When eczema runs in the family

Parents with skin issues of their own strive to help their children deal with eczema.

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6 ways to manage your eczema without breaking the bank

Living with eczema can be expensive. We’ll show you how to cut corners and save money without short-changing your health and well-being.

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How I found the right preschool for my eczema child

Every parent worries about their child’s first day of preschool, especially when the child has eczema.

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Itching for relief from my eczema

A diplomat and certified yoga teacher traveled the world looking for effective treatments for her atopic dermatitis until she finally found one that worked.

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What’s the skinny on sunscreen and eczema?

When it comes to eczema, sunscreen is just as important as moisturizer. Learn how to find the right sunscreen and use it optimally to protect your skin, whether or not it’s sunny outside.

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Makeup tips from a beauty writer who has eczema

Beauty journalist Eartha Terrell shares her best advice for choosing products and applying makeup to sensitive skin.

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Swimming with eczema: What you should know before you take the plunge

Before you head for the pool, lake or ocean this summer, learn how to protect eczema skin before, during and after swimming.

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Understanding inflammation’s role in atopic dermatitis

Top dermatologists unravel the complexities of the inflammatory response for people with eczema, in sickness and in health.

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How to exercise safely with eczema

When it comes to working out with eczema, don’t sweat the small stuff. These tips will help you get your fitness on safely and effectively.

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