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NEA News

NEA’s founders reminisce on the past 30 years

NEA has come a long way since its inception in 1988, thanks to three dedicated people in Portland, Oregon, who watched their small grassroots nonprofit evolve into the global eczema community it is today.

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How I cultivate mindfulness to help manage eczema

Eczema warrior Kuniko Nakamura shares her journey through yoga, mindfulness awareness practice and meditation.

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Ryland rallies for medical research

Eczema warrior Ryland Mortlock shares his experience meeting with Congress members at Capitol Hill to help boost federal funding for medical research.

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Get ready to unhide the real eczema

October is Eczema Awareness Month, and once again, we’re calling on eczema warriors worldwide to come out of the shadows to #unhideECZEMA.

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The magic of Eczema Expo ’19

What do you get when you bring adults and children with eczema, their loved ones, world-renowned eczema researchers and medical providers, and the companies that make eczema treatments and products all under one roof? ✨ MAGIC. ✨

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It’s time to let the FDA know that eczema is more than skin deep

NEA is giving patients and their loved ones the chance to share their stories with the FDA and other stakeholders to help shape the development of new eczema treatments. Learn how you can help!

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Are you eczema-ready for school?

School + Eczema = Stress. That’s why NEA created the Eczema: Tools for School guidebooks to help parents, students and teachers manage eczema in the classroom.

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NEA expands its eczema research program

NEA funds research for both adult eczema and pediatric eczema.

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‘If I hadn’t found NEA…’

From pediatric research to educational materials to Expo scholarship funding, these are just a few of the ways NEA supports eczema families.

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An open letter to Ellen DeGeneres

Raising awareness of the impact of this disease on millions of people can only be a service to your viewers, society in general, and restore the kindness your audience has come to expect from The Ellen Show and Ellen herself.

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