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NEA News

Are you prepared for an emergency?

Everyone should have emergency plans in place to ensure they have food, water and safety in the event of a disaster. But people with eczema have additional concerns to manage. NEA is here to help.

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Prepare to be enchanted at Eczema Expo 2019

Join NEA for a spellbinding four days of eczema education and all-ages entertainment. Register for Expo ’19. Get your tickets today before they magically disappear.

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Are you itching for eczema-friendly products?

NEA’s product directory is a mobile friendly, searchable database that makes it easier than ever to find personal care products for eczema skin.

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Superheroes of Expo 2018

We might not have been able to fit ALL 400 OF YOU in this article, but Expo attendees, you left an imprint on our hearts. Thanks for joining us at Expo ’18!

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What you missed at Eczema Expo 2018

Hundreds of Eczema Warriors convened in Chicago in July 2018 to prove to the world (and themselves) that you really can “live your best life” with eczema.

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A family reunion where everybody has eczema

Eczema Expo 2018 reminded me of a fun family reunion with lots of food, laughter, dancing and breakout sessions…?? OK, maybe not that part.

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Georgia Hill Day for NEA’s Step Therapy Committee

Step therapy, which is sometimes called “fail first” happens when insurers require patients to take and fail on one or more medications before approving the medication originally prescribed by the patients’ doctors.

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NEA turns 30 this year

We’re celebrating three decades of serving the eczema community. Stay tuned for celebratory publications, events and fundraisers.

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NEA’s amazing eczema warriors #UnhideEczema in Times Square

The National Eczema Association unveils a billboard in Times Square for eczema awareness throughout the summer of 2018.

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Bringing better eczema care to patients and doctors

NEA unveils plans for 2018 including establishing a new education coalition for medical professionals and launching a web platform that makes it easier for patients to collaborate on eczema care with their doctors.

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