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Eczema en vogue: Fighting the stigma in fashion

“Godfather of Singapore Fashion” Daniel Boey shares how he conquers the daily struggles of life with eczema.

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The itch to write

Peter Moffat, the man behind BBC’s “Criminal Justice,” which inspired HBO’s “The Night Of,” says he created a lead character with severe eczema for personal reasons.

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What I’ve Learned from 70 Years of Eczema

When my eczema arrived in 1942, there weren’t many options for treatment.

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Spotlight: Never Lose Hope

A newly approved treatment finally brings relief to a woman who’s coped with severe eczema for more than 70 years.

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Celebrate the Individual Gifts Of Your Child With Eczema

Joanna Dobos is the mother of four sons who have severe eczema. While her children face various challenges in managing their eczema symptoms, she has also focused on their self-esteem.

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Have You Heard Elizabeth Falkner’s Understand AD Story?

Meet Elizabeth Falkner, celebrity chef, restaurateur, and media personality. Elizabeth has dealt with atopic dermatitis for more than 20 years, which has affected both her personal life and her career.

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Experience with Eczema a Child Shapes Nathan Jetter’s Resolve

Nathan’s journey began in childhood. Just two months old when he was diagnosed with eczema, his symptoms were severe.

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