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A tiny pill might offer big relief for eczema patients

Oral systemic treatment baricitinib shows promise for atopic dermatitis in phase 2

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Traditional Chinese Medicine and Eczema: An Interview with Xiu-Min Li, M.D.

In traditional Chinese Medicine, a combination of creams, baths, teas and pills, is used to calm the immune system in atopic dermatitis.

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Ask a Doctor: What’s In a Blister, Proper Use of Steroids

Dr. John Hanifin, renown dermatologist and expert on atopic dermatitis care, answers your questions about managing eczema.

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Clever Ways to Manage Eczema From the NEA Community

Can applying banana peel to the skin relieve eczema symptoms? One NEA community member found this unconventional application relieved his itching for hours! Three community members share how they used unexpected methods to ease eczema symptoms.

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Complementary, Integrative and Alternative Medicine 101

About 50% of patients with atopic dermatitis report having used alternative and complementary treatments. But what does complementary and alternative medicine mean? And how do you know which natural treatments work for eczema and which ones you should pass on?

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Eczema and Allergies Case Studies: Start With Skin Care

“Sometimes it’s my job to tell people what they don’t want to hear. Sometimes there is no easy solution, no specific food you can avoid to fix this.”

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NEA Celebrates Another Win for Access to New Atopic Dermatitis Therapy Dupixent

ICER, a nonprofit that conducts independent reviews on clinical effectiveness and value of treatments, found Dupixent to be a “high value” drug for adults with atopic dermatitis.

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Q & A: Introducing Biologics with Dr. Paul Yamauchi

In March, the FDA approved Dupixent, the first biologic medication for adults with moderate to severe atopic dermatitis. Clinical research investigator Dr Paul Yamauchi answers questions about the new medication.

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Natural and Alternative Treatments for Eczema

It is no surprise that more than half of all eczema patients have reported using some form of alternative medicine, and that the majority continues to search for new and better treatment options.

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An Old Treatment Approach Offers New Option to Eczema Patients

Internet renowned pediatric dermatologist Dr. Richard Aron uses a unique compounded topical to treat eczema patients.

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