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Creating an Allergy-Free Home: 10 Tips from the NEA Community

Things like dust mites, chemical cleaning products, and pet dander can be triggers for eczema. What are your tips for housecleaning that creates a comfortable, healthy environment?

Creating an Allergy-Free Home: 10 Tips from the NEA Community

We asked our Facebook community what they do to create an allergy-free environment in their home. Here’s what they said:

1. I removed all of my carpets and curtains. I wash all linens and stuffed animals weekly.

2. I air out the house, especially in the winter, by opening the windows. Diatomaceous earth also helps get rid of dust mites.

3. I use homemade laundry soap.

4. I vacuum my bed all the time. You wouldn’t believe how much dust is in the mattress and it upsets my eczema a lot.

5. I vacuum everyday.

6. I do wet dusting with warm water rather than polish or chemicals. Cleaning the bedding regularly is also a must — I vacuum the mattresses.

7. We use an air mattress on a wooden slat base. Comfortable and zero dust mites.

8. I use an iRobot home cleaning robot that runs daily, dust mite covers and an air purifier.

9. Natural cleaners and a central vacuum system eliminates all dust from rising back up.

10. I bathe my cat at least once a month in the winter and almost every week in the summer.

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