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Cleaning & Eczema – In Their Own Words

NEA asked this question on Facebook recently:

Plastic bucket with cleaning supplies on white backgroundThings like dust mites, chemical cleaning products, and pet dander can be triggers for eczema. What are your tips for housecleaning that creates a comfortable, healthy environment?

Here’s what people had to say:

DC: I always wear the blue non-latex gloves no matter what I am cleaning.

CC: I removed all of my carpets and curtains and I vacuum daily. I also wash all linens and stuffed animals weekly.

AR: I air out the house, especially in the winter, by opening the windows. DE (diatomaceous earth) also helps get rid of dust mites.

DE: My husband does a lot of it (yeah!), but I usually wear gloves and use wipes. I try not to go overboard, and I just clean a couple of rooms at a time, not the whole house.

JS: I use homemade laundry soap.

MP: I vacuum my bed all the time. You wouldn’t believe how much dust is in the mattress and it upsets my eczema a lot.

JM: Norwex antibacterial cleaning products have helped me a ton!

RS: I vacuum everyday.

Close up of woman's arms cleaning and polishing kitchen cabinets.JS: I use nitrile gloves instead of latex or rubber gloves. They still make my hands itchy if I wear them too long, but nothing like the horrendous reaction to latex! You can find them in boxes of 100 gloves, which is economical, as they do tend to tear easily.

LP: I do wet dusting with warm water rather than polish or chemicals. I always wear non-latex gloves, and always moisturize after wearing the gloves. Cleaning the beddingregularly is also a must — I vacuum the mattresses.

HI: We use an air mattress on a wooden slat base. Comfortable and zero dust mites.

CH: I work in a kitchen, so I wear cotton gloves under
the latex gloves. Sweat is the worst for me. I also have to wear gloves if I’m going to give any love to my dog. And I vacuum a lot.

MN: I use an iRobot home cleaning robot that runs daily, dust mite covers and an air purifier.

SP: I use Neutrogena hand cream everyday, especially before cleaning. A little goes a long way. I always wear powder-free and latex-free gloves with cotton gloves underneath when cleaning. I never use any products that say “antibacterial” on them because I always flare-up after using those. Wipes also make me flare-up, so I don’t use any. I always keep a bottle of Cutar Emulsion everywhere: in the house, the car, my purse, and especially when I know I am going away for the weekend just in case I feel the tingling tell of an oncoming flare-up.

AM: Natural cleaners and a central vacuum system eliminates all dust from rising back up.

DS: I wash my hands with unscented Dove soap, dry with a disposable paper towel, pop open a Vitamin E pill, and rub it all over my hands; then I put on disposable non- latex gloves and do my cleaning! As for my cat, I bathe him at least once a month in the winter and almost every week in the summer.

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