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Clever Ways to Manage Eczema From the NEA Community

Can applying banana peel to the skin relieve eczema symptoms? One NEA community member found this unconventional application relieved his itching for hours! Three community members share how they used unexpected methods to ease eczema symptoms.

Clever Ways to Manage Eczema From the NEA Community

Relieving eczema itch with banana peel

A friend recently told me to try something rather unusual for eczema: eat a banana and rub the inside of the peeling on the eczema. I tried it, and the results were staggering; I had no itching for six hours after a single application. I don’t know if anyone has ever studied the use of banana skin for the treatment of this rash, but if it helps, why not try it?

– From Bob Y.

Sealing in moisture with socks

I place socks over my daughter’s eczema to help seal in the moisture after I apply her meds. I just buy cute socks, cut the tips off, and slide them over her arm and knees. For her hands I buy fingerless gloves. She sometimes also wears a hat to protect the back of her neck. Works like a charm!

– From Jennifer T.

Recipe for homemade Bumble Bee Balm

honeycomb covered in honey and bees

I understand that petroleum is used for eczema-prone skin. However, I don’t like to use petroleum. I’ve tried different balms from spas, and found that I could make my own, using beeswax and oil (olive or almond oil).

Sandra’s Bumble Bee Balm:

1/4 ounce beeswax
1 cup oil (olive or almond)
manuka honey
royal jelly
bee pollen

Ahead of time, put the propolis and bee pollen in a bottle or jar and fill with oil. Let it “seep” and strain out with a coffee filter. The propolis will never melt. In a small crock-pot, melt down the beeswax and add the oil, honey, and royal jelly. Pour into a glass jar, let it solidify, and use!

– From Sandra C.


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