A Combination of Things Helped Me

I just finished my last light therapy treatment yesterday. But I’ve been doing great many months prior to finishing this. I don’t know what exactly it is … or if it is a combination of things.

It could be any of the following:

  1. I got into a one-bedroom place without any pets.
  2. I got this great shower filter/water softener by WaterStick. It is very inexpensive and easy to recharge with just some saltwater. Pennsylvania has very hard water, and I noticed my skin did better in softer water.
  3. I started getting weekly allergy shots for all the usual stuff.
  4. I got tested for food allergies and found out that I have grown into a food allergy to peas and beans and berries. I love those foods. Cutting them out of my diet almost completely I think has worked wonders.
  5. I finally found a great dermatologist—someone who doesn’t just prescribe a steroid and send me home. He gave me a new soap to try: Oilatum.
  6. I started using CeraVe lotion at night. It helps heal the skin while you sleep. It has ceramides in it.
  7. I started a low dose of Prozac to help me deal better with stress. I noticed when I would be anxious or upset, I would become very itchy.
  8. I started light therapy once a week. I went into a “booth” for about three minutes a week. It doesn’t have the same bulbs as tanning beds, and you are in there for a much shorter time. So I got better, and have a golden glow as an added bonus! This was at my derm doc’s office. My insurance even paid for it.


I’m almost 30 years old now. I eat all kinds of food; I was never a very picky eater. I’ve grown up with at least two dogs and two cats in my house. And I still grew into a food allergy and a pet allergy. I already had eczema. Then about three years ago I had ECZEMA. I couldn’t go to work some days because I was in so much pain. I was depressed because I had it all over my body and face. Now, I’m completely better. Not an ounce of eczema. What did it? I don’t know if it was a combo or just one thing. But something worked, and I am beyond happy right now. I feel myself again.

Not the Pitts anymore in Pittsburgh.


Pittsburg, Pennsylvania

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