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EAM ’19 Week 4 – #TheRealFeelsofEczema

October is Eczema Awareness Month. This year, in addition to our #unhideECZEMA campaign, we are focusing on #therealeczema. The goal of this campaign is to raise awareness, reduce stigma, and illuminate eczema’s true impacts.

Week 4: #TheRealFeelsofEczema

Learn • Share • Connect

Learn what it really feels like to have eczema.

Share stats and stories that matter to you and your community.

Connect with resources, support, and eczema warriors.

#TheRealFeelsofEczema: Articles and webcasts

Page: Eczema facts

Page: Eczema and emotional wellness

Page: Managing itch

Article: Why does eczema itch?

Article: Itching for answers

Article: Eczema: A lifelong conflict

Article: Eczema can be skin hell

Article: Itching for relief from my eczema

Article: Nearly one-third of people with atopic dermatitis report depression/anxiety

Webinar: Starting from scratch: Why do we itch and what can we do about it? 

Webinar: How to be well when you don’t feel well: The mind-body connection

More articles and stories about the way eczema feels

#TheRealFeelsofEczema: Graphics

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#TheRealFeelsofEczema: Resources

Week 2 hashtags: #TheRealEczema, #TheRealFeelsofEczema, #unhideECZEMA, #eczemamonth, #EAM2019

Page: Patient fact sheets – Learn eczema care essentials

Page: Eczema Provider Finder- Find an eczema expert near you

Page: Eczema Product Directory – View products with NEA’s Seal of Acceptance™

Article: Can meditation help eczema itch?

Article: Advice from a pediatrician to help your child with eczema get good sleep

Webinar: Exhausted: The impact of eczema on sleep