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October is Eczema Awareness Month

For Eczema Awareness Month 2019, we are calling on the eczema community to help us expose #TheRealEczema.

Week 1 (October 1-6): #TheRealTruthofEczema

  • Share eczema facts.
  • Tell us: What is one thing you with people knew about life with eczema?

Week 2 (October 7-13): #TheRealCostofEczema

  • Share stats about the real costs of eczema: financial, professional, and personal.
  • Take our survey to reveal more about what eczema has cost you.

Week 3 (October 14-20): #TheRealHeroesofEczema

  • Recognize the true heroes of the eczema community: researchers, medical professionals, caretakers, and patients.
  • Tell us: Who is your eczema hero?

Week 4 (October 21-27): #TheRealFeelsofEczema

  • Reveal what it’s really like to live with eczema, emotionally and physically.
  • Tell us: As a person with eczema, how would you describe the way it feels to live in your skin?

Week 5 (October 28-31): #TheRealLifeofEczema

  • Celebrate the eczema community and our stories of trial and triumph.

Here’s how you can get involved:

#unhideECZEMA online

  1. Share your story on social media with photos, videos, and words. Use #unhideECZEMA on Instagram and Twitter. Always be sure to tag @nationaleczema.
  2. Let the world know about the reality of life with eczema by joining our #TheRealEczema campaign on Instagram and Twitter. Always be sure to tag @nationaleczema.
  3. Share your eczema story with NEA. Click here to get started.
  4. Get your eczema warrior gear, including Eczema Awareness Month tees.
  5. Register for our October 16th webinar, The Cure with Peter Lio, MD.
  6. Put NEA’s Eczema Awareness Month Facebook frames on your profile photo: “#unhideECZEMA“, “I <3 someone with eczema“, and “I have eczema“. You can find ourEczema Awareness Month frames by searching the tag EAM in the frame store.


Raise funds and awareness

  1. Raise funds for eczema research by joining the Itching for a Cure campaign. You can run an online-only fundraiser, or hold an event in your community like a walk, bake sale, or car wash. Learn more or start your fundraiser now!
  2. Support an existing Itching for a Cure fundraiser.


Get the facts. Share the facts.

  1. Download and share our Eczema Facts infographic.
  2. Take advantage of NEA’s resources: our previous webinars, eczema basics, and curated Eczema Awareness Month content from our online magazine, Eczema Matters.

Follow and join the Eczema Awareness Month conversation on social media using our official hashtags: #unhideECZEMA, #eczemamonth, #EAM2019, #nationaleczema, and #TheRealEczema. And be sure you follow NEA on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and sign up our e-news to stay up with Eczema Awareness Month 2018 in real time.

Many thanks to our 2019 Eczema Awareness Month sponsors:EAM 2019 sponsor logos