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Expo ’19 Presenters and Partners

Presenters, Partners, and Collaborators

Learn from the leaders in eczema and get support from your peers. Eczema Expo 2019 features an all-star cast of experts and innovators.

Andrew Alexis, MD

Andrew Alexis, MD, MPH

Saturday, July 20 – Eczema in skin of color: What you need to know (breakout session)

Chair of the Department of Dermatology at Mount Sinai St. Luke’s and Mount Sinai West, and Professor of Dermatology at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. As Director of the Skin of Color Center, he is actively involved in advancing patient care, research, and education pertaining to dermatologic disorders that are prevalent in ethnic skin.

Read Eczema in Skin of Color by Dr. Alexis and Dr. Bridget Kaufman.

Richard Aron, MB Ch B

Sunday, July 21 – The Buzz
Sunday, July 21 – The Buzz in Depth (breakout session)

Widely-known dermatologist based in South Africa, creator of the internet-renowned Aron Regimen. MB Ch B (University of Cape Town) 1963, Master of Medicine (Dermatology) University of Cape Town 1969. Registered with the Human Sciences Council of South Africa (No. MP0110817). Private Practice as a Consultant Dermatologist from 1986 to 2015 at BMI Hendon Hospital.

Read more about Dr. Aron.

Tiffany Avery, L.Ac., MSAc, MSOM, DACM #1090

Friday, July 19 – Healing Space: Acupuncture
Saturday, July 20 – Healing Space: Acupuncture

Clinical director of Modern Acupuncture Arcadia. Nationally Board Certified Diplomate in Acupuncture by the NCCAOM and is a graduate of the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine (DACM) and Phoenix Institute of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (MSAc, MSOM).

Kelly BartaKelly Barta

Friday, July 19 – The Skinny on Steroids (breakout session)
Sunday, July 21 – Raise Your Voice! (breakout session)

President of ITSAN, a non-profit that works to bring awareness to the potentially adverse effects caused from long-term topical steroid use for chronic skin conditions like eczema.  A lifetime sufferer of eczema, after 26 years of prescribed topical steroid treatment, Kelly went through a harrowing withdrawal which turned her life completely in a different direction. She left her career of working as a contract musician and e-commerce business owner to completely dedicate her time and energy to the eradication of TSW, and to help those suffering from the same condition.

Read about Kelly’s advocacy efforts, which led to Georgia declaring October Eczema Awareness Month.

Cindy Bauer MDCindy Salm Bauer, MD

Saturday, July 20 – What about the food? Managing food allergies and eczema (breakout session)

Co-Director, Multidisciplinary Eosinophilic Gastrointestinal Disease Clinic and Co-Director, Immunohematology Clinic at Phoenix Children’s Hospital. Founded the Phoenix Children’s Allergy and Immunology Clinic in 2013. Her areas of interest include food allergy, eosinophilic esophagitis, asthma, allergic/atopic diseases, and immunodeficiencies.

Listen to Dr. Bauer discuss food allergies and allergy testing in children.

Dr Tim BergerTim Berger, MD

Friday, July 19 – Starting from Scratch (general session)

Professor of Clinical Dermatology, UCSF Department of Dermatology.  Specializes in itch and complex skin disorders.

Listen to NEA’s webcast Starting from scratch: Why do we itch and what can we do about it? with Dr. Berger.

Tracee Blackburn, PA-C

Thursday, July 18 – Skincare 101
Sunday, July 21 – We go together (breakout session)

Board-Certified Physician Assistant at Illinois Dermatology Institute, nationally certified by the National Commission on Certification of Physician Assistants (NCCPA) and licensed by the state of Illinois.Likes to focus her attention on patient education, as she believes it is a vital part to every patient’s recovery.

Take a peek at Tracee’s book for children with eczema, X-zema: A Children’s Guide to Happy Skin.

Kanwaljit K. Brar, MDKanwaljit K. Brar, MD

Friday, July 19 – Triggered: Managing contact and environmental allergies (breakout session)

Pediatric allergist and immunologist at National Jewish Health.

Listen to NEA’s webcast Feeling triggered? Diagnostic and treatment challenges of eczema with Dr. Brar.

Sam CasselmanSamantha Casselman, DNP, RN, CPNP-PC

Thursday, July 18 – Skincare 101  (hands-on instructional stations)
Friday, July 19 – Caretakers of children 0-5 (breakout session)
Friday, July 19 – Caretakers of children 6-12 (breakout session)
Friday, July 19 – Caretakers of children 13-20 (breakout session)
Saturday, July 20 – Ask the Ecz-perts (Expo Camp – Senior Warriors)

Certified Pediatric Nurse Practitioner and program director for the Severe Eczema Clinic and Eczema school at Phoenix Children’s Hospital. Has presented nationally on the topic of atopic dermatitis management at the Dermatology Nurses Association and the National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners. Began her career in dermatology as a nurse where she discovered her interest in managing eczema with patients and families, and hopes to positively impact research and education for eczema patients to improve management of this devastating skin condition.

Emily Cole

Thursday, July 18 – Skincare 101  (hands-on instructional stations)

Pediatric Registered Nurse at National Jewish Health in Denver, Director Of Nursing at Glenwood Medical Associates.

70 years of eczemaIrene Crosby

Saturday, July 20 – Fireside Chat (general session)

Co-founder of National Eczema Association who’s lived with atopic dermatitis for most of her life.

Read Irene’s first-person account of participating in clinical trials.


Jennifer Moyer Darr, National Jewish Health DenverJennifer Moyer Darr, LCSW

Friday, July 19 – The mind-body connection: Mental health and eczema (breakout session)
Friday, July 19 – Biofeedback and relaxation (wellness session)
Saturday, July 20 – How to be well when you don’t feel well: Coping strategies for eczema (breakout session)
Saturday, July 20 – Biofeedback and relaxation (wellness session)

Licensed clinical social worker in the Division of Pediatric Behavioral Health at National Jewish Health in Denver. Specializes in mental health counseling for individuals and families of all ages, psychological factors related to illness, management of chronic illness, parenting difficulties, impact of trauma, behavioral and cognitive behavioral intervention, and biofeedback. Certified in EMDR.

Listen to NEA’s webcast How to be well when you don’t feel well with Jennifer Moyer Darr.

Robert Dellavalle, MD, PhD, MSPH

Robert Dellavalle, MD, PhD, MSPH

Sunday, July 21 – The Buzz
Sunday, July 21 – The Buzz in Depth (breakout session)

Associate Professor of Dermatology and Public Health at the University of Colorado School of Medicine where he also serves as Chief of the Denver VA Medical Center Dermatology Service. Adjunct Professor of Epidemiology at Colorado School of Medical Health, Professor of Dermatology, Chief of Service, Denver Veterans Administration Hospital.

Read Science Daily’s article about Dr. DellaValle’s research into the potential for cannabinoids to treat eczema.

Jon Hanifin, MD

Saturday, July 20 – Fireside Chat (general session)

Professor of Dermatology at Oregon Health & Science University. Co-founder of National Eczema Association. Internationally-recognized expert and lecturer on atopic dermatitis.

Read NEA turns 30 this year to learn more about the founding of National Eczema Association.

Sarah HarrisSarah Harris

Sunday, July 21 – Celebrate Your Skin (workshop)

Writer and audio storyteller who’s lived with moderate-to-severe eczema for most of her life. Founder of Skin Stories, a website that espouses the belief that the dominant cultural narrative around skin needs to be changed, because all skin is good skin.

Visit Skin Stories for stories showing that all skin is good skin.

Peter Lio, MD

Peter Lio, MD

Friday, July 19 – Other eczemas (breakout session)
Friday, July 19 – The skinny on steroids (breakout session)
Saturday, July 20 – Biologics pediatrics (breakout session)
Saturday, July 20 – Biologics adults (breakout session)
Sunday, July 21 – The Buzz (general session)
Sunday, July 21 – The Buzz in depth (breakout session)

Clinical Assistant Professor of Dermatology & Pediatrics at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, a Fellow of the American Academy of Dermatology, and a Diplomate of the American Board of Dermatology (board-certified in Dermatology). Eczema Expo 2019 Medical Director.

Read Dr. Lio’s discussion of an integrative approach to eczema care.

Ashley Lora

Thursday, July 18 – Vision boarding (workshop)
Friday, July 19 – Morning meditation
Saturday, July 20 – Morning meditation

Eczema warrior committed to helping others on their journey of healing. Founder of VisionHery, a conscious movement dedicated to empowering others to take action towards living a fulfilling life, utilizing vision boards to heal one’s mind, body, and spirit.
Follow Ashley on Instagram.

Amanda Michaud, PA-CAmanda Michaud, PA-C

Thursday, July 18 – Skincare 101  (hands-on instructional stations)
Friday, July 19 – #Awkward (Expo Camp – Senior Warriors)

Board certified Physician Assistant by the National Commission on Certification of Physician Assistants since 2012, Amanda is currently President of the American Association of PA’s in Allergy and serves as the Medical Liaison to the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology. Special interests in the field are severe asthma, atopic dermatitis, and food allergy. Practices at Arizona Asthma and Allergy Institute.

Judith O'Haver, PhD, RN, CPNP-PCJudith O’Haver, PhD, RN, CPNP-PC

Friday, July 19 – Eczema 101 (Expo Camp – Junior Warriors)

Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Child Health, University of Arizona, College of Medicine. Specializes in improving healthy lifestyle behaviors, physical health and adaptation to living with chronic illness or dermatologic conditions for children and adolescents. Practices at Phoenix Children’s Hospital.

Harper Price, MD Harper Price, MD

Friday, July 19 – Eczema 101 (Expo Camp – Senior Warriors)
Friday, July 19 – Pediatric eczema (breakout session)

Division Chief of Pediatric Dermatology at Phoenix Children’s Hospital, Dr. Price specializes in the complex systemic treatment of atopic dermatitis in children with a multidisciplinary focus.

Listen to Dr. Price discuss Phoenix Childrens’ approach to caring for young patients.

camille requiestasCamille Requiestas

Friday, July 19 – Morning Meditation
Saturday, July 19 – Morning Meditation

Eczema warrior, certified yoga instructor, self-professed skincare fanatic, blogger, and Social Media News Anchor for Wake Up West Texas.
Visit Camille’s blog

Janet Ritter

Saturday, July 20 – Crack the code: Understanding insurance (breakout session)

Medical Managed Care, Associate Director, Sanofi Genzyme. Focus on payers and managed care. Therapeutic areas include immunology, MS, and oncology.

Vivian Shi, MD, FAAD

Saturday, July 20 – Complementary and alternative therapies: Separating fact from fiction
Saturday, July 20 – Face eczema (breakout session)
Saturday, July 20 – #awkward (breakout session)
Saturday, July 20 – #awkward women (breakout session)

Board-certified dermatologist and an Assistant Professor of Medicine in Dermatology at the University of Arizona where she directs the Eczema and Skin Barrier Specialty Clinic. She has extensive clinical and research experience in eczema and repair of the skin’s natural protective barrier. Her principal focus is atopic dermatitis (AD) and she’s a longtime AD sufferer herself.

Read Dr. Shi’s article Alternative eczema treatments from natural oils to elimination diets.

Alexis Smith

Sunday, July 21 – Celebrate Your Skin (workshop)

Eczema warrior and Instagram influencer, known as EczemaLove, who’s helping to change the way people see their skin.
Follow Alexis on Instagram.


Tori SoperTori Soper

Sunday, July 21 – Celebrate Your Skin (workshop)

Commercial photographer based in Chicago. Official photographer of Expo 2018 and Expo 2019.
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Craig Teller, MD

Friday, July 19 – Eczema 101 (general session)
Friday, July 19 – You’re not alone: Eczema + men (breakout session)
Friday, July 19 – You’re not alone: Partners and supporters of people with eczema (breakout session)
Saturday, July 20 – Systemic treatments: When and how should they be used? (breakout session)

Clinical Instructor of Dermatology in family medicine at Baylor College of Medicine. Clinical Instructor of Dermatology at the University of Texas Medical School in Houston. Dermatologist, Bellaire Dermatology in Houston, TX

View the archive of our webcast, Newly Diagnosed with Atopic Dermatitis? What You Need to Know, presented by Dr. Teller

Susan Tofte, RN, MS, FNP

Saturday, July 20 – Fireside Chat (general session)

Dermatologist nurse practitioner, Department of Dermatology, Oregon Health and Sciences University. Co-founder of National Eczema Association.

View the archive of our webcast, Treating eczema and atopic dermatitis with topicals, presented by Susan Tofte.

Eunice YuEunice Yu, M.Ed

Thursday, July 18 – The Story of Self (workshop)
Friday, July 19 – Family Fitness, Lunchtime Yoga
Friday, July 19 – The Magic Within (Expo Camp – Senior Warriors)
Saturday, July 20 – Family Fitness
Saturday, July 20 – The Magic Within (Expo Camp – Senior Warriors)
Saturday, July 20 – Eczema and self-image (breakout session)
Sunday, July 21 – Morning Meditation

Former educator, therapist, and licensed yoga instructor with a background in Psychology and a Ms. Ed from Johns Hopkins University. She has been practicing yoga since 2007 and has over 10 years experience working with at-risk youth, building youth and community access to the arts and extracurriculars. She left the classroom to pursue advanced degrees in Clinical Psychology, but avidly practices yoga and volunteers in schools all across the Chicagoland Area. She is currently working towards launching a program, based on the foundations of yoga therapy in order to build access to alternate learning and self regulative strategies into classrooms and safe spaces in under resourced communities.

JiaDe YuJiaDe (Jeff) Yu, MD

Friday, July 19 – Can I be allergic to my “natural” skincare products? (breakout session)
Saturday, July 20 – What on earth am I touching? (breakout session)
Sunday, July 21 – Living my best life (breakout session)

Board-certified dermatologist and fellowship trained pediatric dermatologist specializing in allergic contact dermatitis and occupational dermatitis in adults and children. Practices at Mass General Hospital for Children. Eczema Expo 2019 spa and housekeeping product consultant.