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Expo ’19 spa treatments

NEA has collaborated with the Hyatt Regency Scottsdale’s Spa Avania and contact dermatitis specialist Dr. JiaDe (Jeff) Yu to develop a special flare-friendly Expo spa menu.

Our goal in developing this menu was to give people with eczema an opportunity to enjoy the aesthetic and psychologic benefits of spa treatments without fear of flares or judgement.

All spa treatments include access to Spa Avania’s French-Celtic mineral pool, relaxing lotus pond, trellis covered outdoor relaxation areas, steam room, sauna, hot and cold plunges.

Here’s what makes the Expo spa menu so special:

  • It’s a judgement-free zone.
    All practitioners will be briefed on eczema and our amazing community of eczema warriors. They will know to expect flares and that eczema is not contagious.
    Therapists will know that the skin of people with eczema must be handled with care, and that flaring spots must be either avoided or handled extra gently.
    In addition to the standard pre-treatment conversation, your practitioner will take a moment to discuss your skin with you to learn about any tricky spots and how you’d like them handled, and any concerns you might have.
    This is truly a judgement-free zone: it’s your chance to have a luxurious, worry-free spa treatment.
  • Treatments are flare-friendly.While Expo attendees may choose from any of the services on Spa Avania’s menu, the Expo spa menu services feature products (massage oils, nail polish, etc.) chosen under advice of contact dermatitis expert, dermatologist Dr. JiaDe (Jeff) YU.
    All linens used during massages will be laundered with gentle, fragrance-free detergent and given an extra rinse.
    Massage clients may choose from Spa Avania’s standard massage oil(s), NEA’s flare-friendly oil, or select from several moisturizers that have received NEA’s Seal of Acceptance™. Nail care clients may choose from the spa’s standard lotions or lotions that have NEA’s Seal of Acceptance™.
    NEA has collaborated with Spa Avania management to create a menu that includes an Expo-exclusive low-friction massage, called Touch Therapy & Relaxation.
  • We’ve secured special pricing.
    All Expo attendees will receive 10% off standard Spa Avania pricing. Plus, we have arranged for the addition of 30-minute massage sessions to better fit into the schedules and budget of Expo attendees.

Download the Expo Spa Menu


Eczema Expo spa services







Expo exclusive: Touch therapy & relaxation
This low-friction treatment was developed just for our eczema warriors and their delicate skin barriers. It employs effleurage, a form of massage involving light, soothing strokes and movements. The light touches of effleurage (which is a French word meaning “to skim” or “to touch lightly on”) stimulate circulation and lymph movement.30 minutes, $75 | 60 minutes, $148.50 | 90 minutes, $202.50
Swedish massage
Spa Avania’s classic Swedish massage employs firm, but gentle, pressure to promote relaxation and ease muscle tension.30 minutes, $75 | 60 minutes, $148.50 | 90 minutes, $202.50
Hot stone massage
The most relaxing of all massages, hot stone massage is the preferred treatment for those looking to relax and relieve stress. Heated stones, used in conjunction with traditional massage techniques, create a massage experience beneficial to those who experience muscle tension, have had a muscle-related injury or are looking for the ultimate in relaxation.30 minutes, $75 | 60 minutes, $148.50 | 90 minutes, $202.50
Spa reflexology
Reflexology is an ancient healing art involving the use of applied pressure techniques on corresponding reflex points of the feet and hands. Benefits include relaxation, stress relief, improved blood and nerve supply to the muscles and revitalized energy to the entire body.30 minutes, $75 | 60 minutes, $148.50 | 90 minutes, $202.50
Avania Manicure
Treatment begins with a relaxing hand soak followed by a luxurious hand and arm massage using the cream of your choice. Includes shaping, cuticle care and polishing of the nails.30 minutes, $58.50
Avania Pedicure
Treatment begins with a relaxing Foot Soak followed by an extended foot and leg massage using the cream of your choice, callus removal, shaping, cuticle care and polishing of the nails.45 minutes, $76.50

Expo spa menu prices do not include (optional) gratuity for therapist.

Spa Avania’s complete spa menu is available to Expo attendees at 10% off published rates.