Focus on Eczema

We conducted a photo shoot in order to introduce members of our community and show you what we love about them – and what they love about themselves. They’re all people with eczema and their skin shows various states of that: some are flaring, some haven’t had a flare in months. But when you look at their skin, you’ll see skin with eczema: some lines, flakes, inflammation, bumps and discoloration. In case you don’t see it, we’ll zoom in. We want you to look. We want you to see and understand. This Eczema Awareness Month, we want you to focus on eczema – the skin, the stories, the facts and the research.

Meet Aisha

“I am on my journey to become a spiritual healer and hope to enter the medical field with a holistic approach to westernized medicine.”

Focus on Aisha

Meet Alexis

“I’ve always been an artsy person and I’m ready to bedazzle anything in sight.”

Focus on Alexis

Meet Andrea

“I’m Mom to human babies and five fur babies.”

Focus on Andrea

Meet Jim

“I’m a cat dad who loves reading, walking barefoot, creating podcasts and performing in community theater.”

Focus on Jim

Meet Lisa

“I’m terrible at remembering names and can now conveniently blame my age for my forgetfulness.”

Focus on Lisa

Meet Morelia

“I’m a college freshman who enjoys dancing hula.”

Focus on Morelia

Meet Raelle

“Often known as a nomad by my friends and family, I think out the box – and move the box as well.”

Focus on Raelle

Meet Stephen

“I’m just another gamer, Swiftie and spreadsheet enthusiast.”

Focus on Stephen

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