Participate at Hill Day at Home

Schedule a Hill Day at Home meeting to tell your members of Congress and their staff what it’s like living with eczema, and why the need for a cure is so important. The stories and voices of people with eczema are the most powerful tools we have to help lawmakers understand the daily challenges of our community.

Just follow these steps:

STEP 1: Locate Your Members of Congress

Get the address and phone number of your Congressional Representatives and Senators.

STEP 2: Schedule a Meeting

Before writing or emailing elected officials to schedule a meeting, review our Top Ten Tips For Writing Your Member Of Congress.

Once you’ve reviewed our tips, please use this template to write to your senator or representative.

STEP 3: Get Prepared

Please review our Talking Points for Meetings with Congressional Members.

STEP 4: Schedule a Meeting

Face to face meetings are highly effective. It’s always a good idea to bring materials to the meeting that you can leave behind, including your contact information. Please Contact Us at the NEA office for a packet of materials to bring. And don’t forget to bring a camera for a picture!

STEP 5: Send a Thank You Letter

Be sure to send a thank-you note to the member of Congress and staffers you met with. You can use this template to get started.

STEP 6: Tell Us About Your Meeting

Please take a minute to let us know how the meeting went.

The advocacy team at the National Eczema Association is here to help you every step of the way. Please Contact Us or call 415.499.3474 with any questions or concerns or for help scheduling meetings.