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Get Support

We are here to listen and provide support! As part of our mission to provide support to patients and their families, NEA offers a variety of programs and services to the eczema community.


First, we are to listen and answer your questions. You are welcome to call us at 415.499.3474 or toll free 800.818.7546. Our office hours are Monday – Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm pacific time.


Contact Us anytime and we will respond to your questions, comments and inquiries.

NEA Support Network:

Through our growing NEA Support Network, people are eager to share with you their experiences with eczema, and to listen to your experiences too! All of the contacts are either an adult with eczema or the parent of a child with eczema.

Join our Online Support Group:

Become a member of NEA’s online support group, Eczema Wise for tips and information from others living with eczema.

NEA Publications:

NEA publications provide a wealth of information and support.

The Advocate, our quarterly magazine, is written especially for the eczema community. Four times a year, fresh articles keep you up to date with treatment and research information, pave the way to empowerment and connect you with others who can relate to your experiences. To receive The Advocate please make a donation.

Gain information, tips, and resources to help you live well with eczema in our free monthly electronic newsletter, eInsights. Receive updates on the Association’s advocacy efforts to increase funding for eczema research, and action you can take. Get the latest news on eczema research, treatment advances and scientific discoveries. eInsights is free. Just click the Sign Up for our Newsletter link at the top of the page.

If you are a medical professional you can order brochures on topics such as Bathing & Moisturizing and Hand Eczema to distribute to your patients.

Social Networks:

Join the conversation and stay in touch with the latest NEA news on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.