#GetEczemaWise – Eczema Reflections

For Eczema Awareness Month 2020, we are asking our community to #GetEczemaWise. An important part of of getting eczema wise is understanding your own eczema journey. Take time to reflect on your eczema. How has eczema affected your life negatively and/or positively?

If you’re ready, share your #EczemaReflection on social media, or share your short (1-2 sentence) eczema reflection video* with NEA by uploading it here. Please refer to video tips below if you’d like your video to be considered for use in a future compilation or individual share on social media.

*By uploading your eczema reflection video, you are agreeing to allow NEA to use it for future website and/or social media content.


  • Please read each fact/reflection 5-6 times in a row, with 3-5 seconds between each reading. 
  • Each reading can have a slightly different vibe to give us a variety of takes to choose from.
  • Don’t read too quickly, but also not too slowly
  • Enunciate
  • Look into the camera so it appears that you’re looking right at the viewer. (This might be tricky if you’re filming on a phone; you might have to experiment a bit.)
  • Allow time after you press record before starting to speak and time after you speak before pressing stop record. We need that extra time before and after for editing.


  • Hold your smartphone or tablet horizontally.
  • Choose a location with good lighting. Avoid backlighting with a window or bright source of light directly behind you, which causes a silhouette.
  • Find a quiet location without ambient noise, and have your cell phone/computer muted (not on vibrate for the phone)
  • Avoid wearing white, high-contrast or busy patters or stripes. Avoid shiny or jangly jewelry. Neutrals and solid colors other than bright red work well. Subtle patterns are okay.
  • If possible, have someone else film you rather than a selfie for better perspective. 
  • If you’re filming from your computer, have the computer camera at eye level. Test distance fro the computer screen to get the best effect. 

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