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In Your Words Surveys 2018


The In Your Words survey series is designed to help us learn more about the challenges people living with eczema face every day. Survey responses shape a deeper understanding about the impact eczema has on people with eczema and their families, define our national policy priorities, and allow NEA to develop meaningful actions. Together we can effectively advocate for better eczema care.

As a part of our Eczema Awareness Month 2018 campaign to #unhideECZEMA we invite you, our Eczema Warrior community to join us in completing weekly surveys.

Surveys include:

Eczema Experience Survey –  We want to know what day to day life is like when you live with eczema. Are you satisfied with your treatment options and eczema care? Help us demonstrate the impact eczema, its symptoms and its related conditions have on your life. See the topline findings.

NEA Community Survey – Are you wishing for more lifestyle tips? Searching for new community stories? Hungry for an eczema podcast? Complete this survey to ensure that you are getting what you want and need from YOUR eczema organization

Eczema Advocacy Survey – We’re asking you and the rest of our community to tell us about your experience with the health care system and eczema. Are you happy with the quality of your eczema care? Does your insurance company cover the treatments your doctor prescribes? Your answers to these questions and more will help direct NEA’s work to influence policies and laws that affect your access to eczema care.

Eczema Caretaker Experience Survey – How does eczema impact the life of a child differently than the life of an adult? How are caretakers and other family members impacted by a child with eczema?