Itching For a Cure FAQs

Where do I register for Itching for a Cure?
Do I have to hold an event?
Can I get a t-shirt?
How can I create awareness?
Is there a registration fee?
Can I create a team?
Can I host my own in-person walk in my town?
Do you have any tips for fundraising?
Are there prizes for fundraising?

Itching for a Cure (IFAC) Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I register for Itching for a Cure?

You can register here. Create your own fundraising page for Itching for a Cure and share with your community.

Do I have to hold a walk event?

No! You can fundraise for National Eczema Association in connection with any kind of event that you’d like to put on: fun run, bake sale, dance-a-thon. Or you can simply run an online fundraiser here.

Can I get a t-shirt?

Yes! We encourage you to purchase a super soft 100% ring spun cotton Eczema Awareness Month t-shirt to wear at your event, during Eczema Awareness Month, and throughout the year. If you’d like to purchase t-shirts for your whole team, contact

How can I create awareness?

Itching for a Cure is part of Eczema Awareness Month. There’s lots of ways you can join us in spreading the word, telling your story, and raising awareness of eczema as a life-changing condition that impacts 30 million Americans.

♦ Post regularly on social media.
♦ Tag National Eczema Association on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook using @nationaleczema.
♦ Use #hashtags to join the conversation. Recommended hashtags are: #eczemaawarenessmonth #itchingforacure #unhideeczema.
♦ Wear your Eczema Awareness Month t-shirt  throughout the month.
♦ Share photos of yourself in your Eczema Awareness Month t-shirt.
♦ Use the live video feature on social media to share your event with your virtual community.
♦ Share your fundraising goals and milestones achieved!
♦ Share your fundraising page on social media.

Is there a registration fee?

No! There’s no cost to take part in Itching for a Cure.

Can I create a team?

Yes! NEA’s online donation service makes it easy to join forces and form a team!

Do you have any tips for fundraising?

Every dollar you raise for National Eczema Association supports education, advocacy, and research that improves the lives of millions of people with eczema.

Fundraising is sharing your story – tell your family, friends, neighbors, coworkers, and others in your community that you are “Itching for a Cure.” Help them understand what it’s like to live with this non-contagious, incurable disease characterized by non-stop itch. It only takes one person to make a difference, and that person can be YOU!

How to Raise $1,000 in 5 Steps:
Step 1
♦ Sponsor yourself for $25 or more
♦ Ask 3 family members to sponsor you for $25
Total: $100

Step 2
♦ Set up a Facebook fundraiser and ask your online community to contribute any amount from $5 to $50 to help you reach your goal of $150 by end of October
Total: $150

Step 3
♦ Ask 5 friends for $20 each
♦ Ask 5 coworkers or neighbors for $20 each
Total: $200

Step 4 
♦ Ask 5 businesses where you usually shop to donate $50 each
Total: $250

Step 5
Host a fundraising party (dinner, lunch, wine tasting, or game night)
Invite 10 people and ask each to donate $30
Total: $300

Are there prizes for fundraising?

Yes! We appreciate you! See below for fun prizes you can win when you meet one of these fundraising goals.

$100 – National Eczema Association branded Kleen Kanteen 27oz stainless bottle
$250 – Eczema Awareness Month t-shirt (or other available NEA t-shirt)
$500 – Eczema Expo 2019 kit – backpack, t-shirt, buttons
$1,000 – Free registration to Eczema Expo 2020
$2,000 – Second free registration to Eczema Expo 2020

When you achieve a fundraising level, you’ll receive the prize for that dollar amount, plus the prizes for all other fundraising levels you surpassed!

Prizes will be distributed after Itching for a Cure 2019 has concluded in November. Eczema Expo-related prizes may be collected after Expo 2020 registration has begun. Itching for a Cure prizes have no cash value, and no substitutions may be made.

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