Jesse & Julie Rasch Foundation Supports NEA Research Program

Rasch Foundation logoThe National Eczema Association is pleased to announce a special eczema research contribution from the Jesse & Julie Rasch Foundation.

At the very essence of the Jesse & Julie Rasch Foundation is a desire for change; change that is enduring; change that will improve the health and quality of life of this and future generations.

The Jesse & Julie Rasch Foundation has provided $10,000 in support of a NEA grant award for Crowdsourcing Eczema Social Media Conversations. This research will help address some of the practical, day-to-day management issues that patients and families face, and provide leads for new areas of treatment discovery.

NEA wishes to extend a very special thank you to the Rasch Foundation for its thoughtful commitment to making a difference in eczema patient lives, and its willingness to persistently work with NEA to find projects of mutual interest and concern.

On behalf of the entire eczema community, thank you!