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Why Attend the NEA Patient Conference

An Adult Perspective

I’ve had eczema for eight years, since 2005. For me, eczema started when I was 68 years young. My mother had nasal allergies (airborne), as I do, but there was no other family history of eczema. I am in a controlled state now, even though at times it seems to be getting worse.

I attended the 2012 NEA Patient Conference because I didn’t know anyone else who had eczema. Prior to the conference, I kept telling my dermatologist that she keeps me alive!

It was a relief to meet other people
suffering from eczema.


I enjoyed the conference tremendously. It was a relief to meet other people suffering from eczema. I learned much just talking to the other attendees. I think anyone who is affected by eczema (whether they themselves have it, or are related to a familymember or loved one who does) should attend the NEA Conference to learn about the disease and ways to manage it.

I now serve on the NEA board of Directors as one of its new members, and look forward to attending the 2014 NEA Patient Conference in Boston.

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