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Scratch Pad


The Scratch Pad provides support and tips from our NEA community! This section contains full-text versions of the most recent inserts from NEA’s quarterly magazine, The Advocate.

The Scratch Pad contains eczema tips, stories, comments and successes submitted by patients, parents, and professionals. Have you changed your diet, used emotional coping tools or altered your routine to help your eczema? Have you used supplements, traditional medications or alternative treatments? Please share your eczema tips! We encourage our readers to share what works for them.





Please be reminded that opinions expressed in letters are the writers’ and do not necessarily reflect the position of NEA, its Board of Directors, its scientific advisors, or its contributors. The National Eczema Association does not recommend individual physicians, specific treatment regimens, or particular products. Patients should discuss any treatment option with a qualified professional, and should keep in mind that what works for one person may do little for another. Letters to the Scratch Pad may be edited for length or clarity.